G2 Esports announces signing of leaf

The VCT offseason is in full swing, and one of the new organizations that will be part of the... Eduardo | 26. October 2023

The VCT offseason is in full swing, and one of the new organizations that will be part of the Riot Games Franchise system in the VCT, G2 Esports, has completed its lineup.

The organization that took The Guard’s slot for the VCT Americas League 2023, G2, announced the signing of Nathan “leaf” Orf as the team’s fifth player. This move was announced after the organization was testing and looking for an ideal player to close its roster for next season.

Likewise, leaf is no ordinary or filler player, as he was one of Cloud9’s leading scorers in their rise to the top. Moreover, he now joins a squad full of players with winning blood who just got their spot in the VCT through the VCT Ascension playing under The Guard banner.

G2 Esports announce Leaf Signing for VCT 2024

The popular esports organization, G2 Esports, announced last Wednesday the signing of former Cloud9 star leaf as a main duelist ahead of VCT 2024.

Now, after announcing this move, we have that the G2 Esports squad ahead of the VCT Americas League 2024 is complete.

Let’s remember that G2 Esports finally got to join the VCT after taking over the quota from The Guard, the winners of the VALORANT Ascension 2023. On the other hand, some sources mention that G2 prevailed over 17 or more teams that tried to keep this spot by signing former The Guard players.

On the other hand, leaf was not the only one in G2 Esports’ plans to be the fifth player. About 1 month ago, the organization was in constant communication with different Tier 1 and extremely talented players such as Erick “aspas” Santos, Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker, and Max “Demon1” Mazanov. However, these players took different directions, as aspas stayed in South America to play for Leviathan, yay jumped the pond to join Bleed Esports, and Demon1 stayed at EG.

Leaf arrives to bring his experience and talent to G2 Esports

The 19-year-old North American arrives at G2 Esports to contribute his bit to help the team compete at the highest level possible. After 3 years at Cloud9, Leaf was able to stay on the roster despite numerous changes over the past few months.

However, Cloud9 could not keep up their pace of play in the defining instances of the important tournaments in which they participated.

On Cloud9’s side, they got Anthony “vanity” Malaspina to return to the team’s roster as a new IGL, and, in addition, they have Francis “OXY” Hoang, who played with G2 Esports in the previous season.

Finally, the debut of this new G2 Esports lineup will be today, Thursday, October 26, 2023, in a friendly match against Sentinels.

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