Riot partners with Durex for LPL, MSI and Worlds 2023

Riot Games, in its quest to get more sponsors for major League of Legends tournaments around the world, announced... Eduardo | 30. April 2023

Riot Games, in its quest to get more sponsors for major League of Legends tournaments around the world, announced its partnership with Durex, one of the most known brands of lubricants and condoms in the world. This partnership is directly related to the LPL (the official Chinese LoL league), the MSI, and Worlds 2023.

Riot has lately partnered with beer and sportswear brands and now announces this deal with a condom brand. There is no doubt that this brings a lot of teasing in the community, as it is unknown how this deal will be on the part of the condom brand.

Riot teams up with Durex, and fans make jokes on Twitter

Riot Games is partnering with Durex, the condom and lubricant brand, to sponsor the LPL, MSI and Worlds 2023.

As a result of this partnership, LoL fans will now see the Durex logo on official broadcasts, as many partnership agreements have been signed for the LPL, MSI, and Worlds.

As expected, this caused a lot of thanks and commotion in the gaming community, who undoubtedly used Twitter to make fun of the announcement and make funny comments. The first comment that received the news was a “slogan” that could be used in this case, “Make your games last longer.”

A female user said:

“Good on them for making sure gamers don’t play.”

While others sarcastically wondered how will they concentrate on the action if, when they uncovered the condom, they had a gamer’s face.

While others claim that just saying they play League of Legends is synonymous with contraception.

Durex’s first foray into LoL

This announcement marks Durex’s first decision to foray into the League’s esports scene. However, Durex was one of the sponsors of the Naraka Bladepoint event in 2022.

Now, LoL fans are very close to knowing how this partnership between Durex and Riot Games will occur. Remember that the MSI starts next May 2, 2023, so we can observe the Durex logo in each tournament broadcast.

However, for both the LPL and the Worlds, fans will have to wait a little longer since the Chinese League will start after the MSI, while the Worlds 2023 has a tentative date of October 10.

On the part of Durex, we will have to wait for what kind of advertising they will do regarding League of Legends on their products.

In the official release of the LPL in Mandarin, the advertisement reads:

“To protect every love, from now on, Durex has officially reached an official partnership with many League of Legends events. Durex hopes to protect the LPL, MSI, and the World Cup together.”

Header: Riot Games | Durex