Shubh | 20. May 2022

Marvel unveils new card battler for mobile and PC

Game developers Nuverse and Second Dinner revealed a new Collectible Card Game titled Marvel Snap. As its name suggests, the fast-paced CCG based on the Marvel Universe contains iconic characters from Marvel Comics.

According to the announcement made by Second Dinner’s Co-Founder Ben Brode, Marvel Snap will be a free-to-play card battler that involves one-on-one combat. The game will be reportedly fast-paced with an average battle lasting three minutes and game mechanics distinct from traditional CCG games.

Marvel Snap gameplay

At launch, Marvel Snap will comprise 150 unique cards, each featuring a different Marvel character. Because of the deep diversity of the Marvel Universe, the team used a number of artists in order to create multiple variants for each card. According to Jonny Erner, Marvel Snap Graphics Manager, the appearance of cards will vary. While some will feature a classic-comic style, others will be made in pixel art.

Furthermore, the game will feature a total of 50 unique places from the Marvel Universe, with three different locations appearing at random in each game. Each card will have a power level and a unique ability, and the player with the highest power on a given location will win it. To win the game, players must win two of the three locations.

Marvel Snap is not a turn-based CCG, thus players can place their cards on the battlefield right away. It also includes a unique snap feature that allows players to double the game’s stake to utilize classic bluffs in order to force their opponents to retreat.

Marvel snap

Closed beta

Marvel has already launched a closed beta test for the game, however, it is only open to Android users from Canada, the United States, the Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

The developers have yet to disclose the game’s release date, but additional information on the game is expected to be released soon on Marvel Snap’s official website, as well as its social media accounts.

Image credit: MarvelSnap