Riot Games mistakenly reveals Aurelion Sol’s rework

After withholding information about the new features of League of Legends season 13 for weeks, Riot Games made the... Maria | 8. January 2023

After withholding information about the new features of League of Legends season 13 for weeks, Riot Games made the mistake and revealed the rework of Aurelion Sol.

The rework of Aurelion Sol was not supposed to be shown until January 8, but many players claim to have had access to the promotional materials of the character, although it is said that it was thanks to data miners.

After the information was leaked, they shared all the details of the character even though it was a surprise from the developers.

All the skills of the Aurelion Sol rework

Although the information is now restricted, we already had access to the description of all the skills of Aurelion Sol’s rework. The development of this Riot Games character allegedly started as a personal project for two reasons:

  • He loved the character
  • The developers wanted to improve as programmers

The gameplay of the hero seems to be at a good point, with an exciting spell kit that we will review below.

Note: Please note that the names of the skills and ability


changes may not be final.

Passive – Stardust

Aurelion Sol’s abilities extract Stardust from the enemies they damage, increasing the power of each spell.

Q – Breath of Light

Aurelion Sol channels his draconic breath to exhale celestial fire for a few seconds, damaging the first enemy hit and splashing other nearby opponents. Each second the breath remains directed at an enemy, the damage done increases, and more accumulations of Stardust are obtained. This ability only collects Stardust from champions.

W – Astral Flight

Aurelion Sol flies over the terrain toward a target direction. In this state, it can cast other abilities. Activating this spell resets the cooldown of Breath of Light and allows it to be released without a duration limit, also increasing its damage.

The ability’s cooldown is reduced when an enemy damaged by the champion in the last seconds dies. Stardust increases the maximum range of the spell.

E – Singularity

Aurelion Sol summons a black hole, damaging enemies and slowly drawing them to its center. This ability generates Stardust whenever an opponent (champion or not) dies in the center of the hole or for every second a winner is within its area of effect.

The black hole’s center runs enemies with below X% of their maximum health. Stardust increases both the health at which a champion is executed and the size of the spell.

R – Star Shower

Aurelion Sol launches a star against the ground. This hit deals magic damage by stunning enemies while granting the champion Stardust for each winner hit. Getting enough Stardust causes the ability to evolve.

R (Evolved) – Descent from the Heavens

The star summoned by Aurelion Sol increases its area of effect and damage, lifting enemies into the air. Upon impact, a shockwave spreads out from the edges, damaging all enemies in a large development area. Accumulating Stardust increases the ability’s range and scope of effect afterward.


The character’s theme and appearance have been preserved, but the skills have significantly changed.

Riot Games has tied spells’ evolution to attaining a resource, Stardust. This will prevent him from being too threatening during the early stages of the game and, above all, from being able to use his mobility ability to move long distances.

Header: Riot Games