R6 EUL: G2 in Second-to-Last Place?!

There have been lots of upsets on the fifth match-day. BDS and Rogue managed to extend their lead, while... Fabio | 29. September 2021

There have been lots of upsets on the fifth match-day. BDS and Rogue managed to extend their lead, while Empire and G2 Esports have received tough blows. In the case of G2, they’re getting ever closer to the bottom of the standings.

Sure, Heroic are the worst performers of the league with zero wins and almost no close losses to speak of. But they’re still only two points behind G2, which is something that the Frenchmen might still be able to acquire. The teams have still got four match-days ahead of themselves, so the window is closing fast for Jordan “Kayak” Morley. They can still close the gap to the Top 4, but with each defeat, their chances grow slimmer.

Their issues clearly lie within their offensive strategy. Ever since their match versus Virtus.pro, they haven’t won a single attack round! This seems to follow them around like a dark curse – and the matches aren’t getting any easier. On match-day #6, they’re going up against Rogue, who are in second place right now.

Rogue: From Zero to Hero

The change to Kevin “Kevin” Pranowitz seems to have worked wonders for the team. That’s the only lineup difference compared to EUL Stage 2, which they finished in last place. Now, the Top 4 seems to be all but secured for them! Looking at the standings after these five days, Rogue will have at least two easier opponents to go up against in the form of Secret and G2. This would grant them enough points to safely make the November Major.

Last match-day, BDS managed to strike down their nemesis. After having beaten Empire and now NaVi, there’s barely anyone left to stop them. They have taken revenge for the August Major and Stage 2. If they can manage to continue on with this performance, they’re en route to make a perfect first place. And if they manage to retain this level going into LAN, they’ll be a tough opponent to beat at the November Major!

Empire Can’t Get Back on Their Feet

The trend continues. The Empire boys are struggling their way through EUL. After the Finals in Mexico, they haven’t been able to perform. They’ve got two victories in the bag, but they should definitely have gotten a third versus Vitality. Instead, the Vitality players have now entered the Top 4, pushing NaVi out. Last week, we already said that, but Empire absolutely have to win their next encounter! It won’t get any easier for them than competing against Heroic anymore. So if they fail to get points there, then the Grand Finalists from August won’t be making the November Major.

Match-day #6 will bring us another exciting confrontation between Cowana and Vitality. Both are fighting for their place within the Top 4, as NaVi will surely try to get some extra points going up against Virtus.pro.