Benjamin Mock | 27. June 2022

Mira reinstated to Rainbow Six pro operator pool

Ubisoft have announced that Mira, a playable character in Rainbow Six Siege, will be available for selection in professional league play starting June 27 after an 11-day suspension from pro play selection.

The operator was suspended from selection in professional leagues starting on June 16 after Ubisoft discovered a bug with her gadget.

Mira returns to pro play operator pool

On June 16, Ubisoft announced Mira would be removed from the operator pool for professional leagues due to a bug.

The bug centered around Mira’s gadget, the Black Mirror. The Black Mirror is an indestructible one-way mirror that Mira can deploy to provide her team with visibility into a specific area. While the Black Mirror can be broken to remove the visibility, the only way it can be physically destroyed is by demolishing the surface it is placed on, or breaking the explosive canister on the deployment side.

However, players had discovered a glitch that allowed explosives to be thrown through the Black Mirror from either side.

On June 26, Ubisoft announced that the bug had been fixed and that Mira would once again be available for selection starting June 27.

Negative reaction to Mira’s return

However, very few professional players were happy about Mira returning to the selection pool. Most professional leagues, with the exception of South America’s Copa Elite Six, have begun Stage 2 of their 2022 season. These stages began with Mira unavailable but could now be greatly affected by the return of the operator. One notable critic of the decision was G2’s Ben “CTZN” McMillan.

CTZN’s teammate Jack “Doki” Robertson claimed in his own tweet that Ubisoft had gone so far as to inform players that Mira would not be available on June 27 prior to the company’s tweet.

The European League returned on June 20 and is set to play its second round of matches later on June 27. The European League is the league most directly affected, with it and Mexico’s Campeonato Mexicano being the only major leagues to play on June 27.

Stage 2 had already seen significant operator-related upheaval, with Ubisoft removing the operator quarantine policy from pro play. This meant teams could use operators regardless of their release date, rather than waiting for the next operator to be released to be able to play the previously released operator. In practice, this meant that new attacker Sens was immediately available for selection, as well as Azami, who had been quarantined during Stage 1.

Effect of Mira’s return unknown

The effects of Mira’s sudden return to pro play are unknown. Very few pro players have expressed a readiness to play with or against her. Will she be banned into oblivion during the coming weeks or pro play? Or is a “Mira buff” about to take the pro leagues by storm?

Our first indication will come later today on June 27, as the European League returns for its second matchday of the stage.

Header: Ubisoft