PGL Arlington Major group stage results

The group stage of PGL Arlington Major 2022 is almost over and the results are quite different from everyone’s... Radu M. | 7. August 2022

The group stage of PGL Arlington Major 2022 is almost over and the results are quite different from everyone’s anticipations. As expected, Chinese teams did really well, but most of the top European and North American teams proved to be relatively weak.

For example, ahead of the last round of matches, Soniqs are ranked ninth in group A, while Team Liquid, one of the favorites of the event, are ranked sixth. In group B, the situation is already finalized with Evil Geniuses ranked fifth, while Natus Vincere were eliminated.

Group A results

Based on PSG.LGD’s performance in group A, it looked like they could be the next TI winners. The team had very tough rivals but still managed to win almost every single match. And that’s a clear sign of strength given the best-of-two match format. Their record ahead of the last battle was 6W – 1D – 0L. Strangely enough, the only ones who managed to win a game against them were Soniqs.

Two teams that proved to be stronger than we expected were Fnatic and Outsiders. In the case of Fnatic, the mixture between Anucha “Jabz” Jirawong, Djardel “DJ” Mampusti, and the TSM trio that agreed to join them to replace their three missing players proved to be a potent mix. Fnatic only lost once in eight matches and finished with an overall score of 2W – 5D – 1L. Right now, they’re second in group A and will most likely start the playoffs in the upper bracket.

Team Liquid, who were expected to finish in the top four, are currently sixth with 1W – 4D – 2L. If they fail to finish the tournament in the top eight, Western Europe will have a serious problem, because Team Secret and Nigma Galaxy are already preparing for the TI11 regional qualifier.

Group B results

In group B of PGL Arlington Major, three teams proved to be significantly stronger than the rest: Team Aster (3W – 4D – 0L), Entity (3W – 3D – 1L), and Team Spirit (3W – 3D – 1L). Spirit were expected to win their group simply because they’re the reigning TI champions. But Aster were in great shape and did even better.

The biggest disappointments in this group were Evil Geniuses and Natus Vincere. While Na’Vi were eliminated, EG will start the playoffs in the lower bracket. Knowing the history of the team, they will get likely eliminated in the first or second round, which means they won’t get any points or money.

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