TSM can add Seven and gMd in their Valorant lineup

TSM may bring in Seven, a former T1 player, and gMd, a former Gen.G player in their active valorant... Shubh | 7. April 2022

TSM may bring in Seven, a former T1 player, and gMd, a former Gen.G player in their active valorant roster. According to the report, both players were released from their prior contracts and were searching for new opportunities. TSM can be the perfect option for them to continue their esports careers in Valorant, given their potential.

TSM’s valorant lineup appears vulnerable and weak following the departure of Matthew “Wardell” Yu. The organization is constantly looking for talented individuals to represent them in esports leagues across the different games. If the plan goes through, this new lineup has the ability to bring back the old TSM that dominated Valorant in its early days.

Seven had exceptional abilities and untapped potential, and he was a member of both 100 Thieves and T1, two of the most prestigious esports organizations at a young age. Seven never had an opportunity to show off his skills for 100 Thieves because he was a sub, but he did learn a lot from his teammates.

His time at T1 was likewise not particularly successful, and he only managed to play a few games before T1 decided to end his contract due to internal concerns. Seven finally appears to have his place in TSM. He competed in the Knights Arena Monthly Gauntlet with the squad and did consistently well throughout the tournament.

On the other hand, gMd left Gen.G on March 31, but he wouldn’t be staying as a free agent for long. A player who is so proficient at Omen is hard to find and TSM never misses an opportunity like that. If gMd joins TSM, he’ll certainly play Omen in the roster and we might see Subroza playing Skye or Astra for the team. Roster changes always impact the roles of existing members, and in some cases, they entirely alter the team’s essential dynamic.

Can this new roster bring back the old TSM?

Even if TSM signs both the players, the team still has a long way to go since there’s much more competition now than there was back then. For effective synergy and coordination between team members, the squad still has to hustle and practice together.

Obtaining these two prominent Valorant players would be a positive step forward in any case. The second NA Challengers will put the new roster to the test, and fans are expecting the team to make a strong comeback.