Overwatch 2 announces measure to crack down on cheaters

Overwatch 2 developers intend to eradicate cheaters and try a very aggressive measure that will also impact people who... Maria | 4. February 2023

Overwatch 2 developers intend to eradicate cheaters and try a very aggressive measure that will also impact people who frequently play with them.

Cheaters exist everywhere; there is competition. While Overwatch 2 is a fantastic game in many ways, Blizzard’s “hero shooter” is not without its share of dishonest players.

Dishonest players

Since the game’s debut, more than 50,000 community members have received punishments for using third-party applications. A never-ending battle in which developers always go one step further by adopting a divisive measure. From now on, those who frequently play with so-called hacks will also receive punishments.

Cheating no longer only helps the user. Some players pay a cheater to help them advance in the game or gain an advantage over others without having to get their hands dirty.

A recent case of secondary cheating involves a Spanish content streamer.

The developers of Overwatch 2 comment:

“We want to discourage users who take advantage of cheats, including those who regularly play with cheaters. Therefore, starting in Season 3, we will identify users who deliberately group with cheaters, and action will be taken against their accounts, even if they are not using cheats themselves.”

Users who play with a cheater for the first time, will receive a warning, but if they play with a cheater consecutively, they will suffer consequences. In addition, the Overwatch 2 developer team will not patronize cheaters.

 “We will impose severe suspensions for long periods and, in extreme cases, total expulsions on those who group with cheaters.”

In other games, developers use similar systems. For example, if a player “cheats” while playing CS:GO, the game immediately voids the winnings or rank losses from that game, and the player is immediately penalized. However, Blizzard’s concept is a bit blunter in this regard.

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Credits: Blizzard

Other significant adjustments in Overwatch 2

Activision Blizzard will implement other in-game controls in addition to the punishment for all cheaters. The company is developing an automatic moderation system for custom game modes to avoid some controversies produced by the community. This system will not only eliminate these modes but also punish their creators.

To punish players more severely and better protect streamers from the dreaded “sniping,” Overwatch 2 developers also plan to advance the tools currently developed for voice chat moderation. In addition, they are also asking game users to report any infractions they discover in the game, adding:

“Inappropriate or explicit content has absolutely no place in our game.”

Header: Blizzard