OpTic Texas makes another change to its lineup

As we have repeatedly pointed out, esports organizations worldwide do not rest, even though the 2023 season is underway.... Eduardo | 10. February 2023

As we have repeatedly pointed out, esports organizations worldwide do not rest, even though the 2023 season is underway. There is no doubt that they all want to fight for as many trophies as possible, and to do so, they have to make radical changes in the lineups. Well, there is no other way.

Once again, the waters are a bit troubled in the Call of Duty League, specifically in the OpTic Texas team. After a few weeks after the retirement of legend Seth “Scump” Abner and the brief free agency of Brandon “Dashy” Otell, they will have to make a third change of players.

iLLeY declares himself a free agent on Twitter

That’s right. It looks like Scump’s retirement left this team somewhat banged up, or at least its players. Well, with nothing confirmed by the organization but confirmed by the player himself, Indervir “iLLeY” Dhaliwal has entered free agency after being released from OpTic Texas’s starting lineup.

We are utterly taken aback by the CDL’s surprising actions once more. Cuyler “Huke” Garland recently joined OpTic Texas in one of the organization’s darkest periods. Scump retires, and Dashy falls out with former Head Coach, “Rambo.” It has been a completely hectic month of January for the organization.

According to rumors spread across social media, OpTic Texas intends to sign an amateur player to start in iLLeY’s stead for the squad at the upcoming CDL Major III Qualifiers.

Unrest in the community

Many players, personalities, and fans expressed their surprise regarding iLLeY’s sudden departure from OpTic Texas. Some of them like James “Clayster” Eubanks, Las Vegas Legion player, who was the first to express confusion regarding the news.

Controversial NRG coach Chet also joined the conversation, wishing iLLeY luck in his search for a new team.

Not a bad start to the year for OpTic

The lineup that OpTic Texas had so far consisted of the following:

  • iLLeY
  • Anthony “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro
  • Cuyler “Huke” Garland
  • Brandon “Dashy” Otell

They finished in fourth place at the CDL Major II held in Boston last weekend after being crushed by the Los Angeles Thieves in the Lower Bracket.

There is no doubt that this result is one of the best of this Modern Warfare 2 season for OpTic Texas, as the team continues to search for that formula that took the former OpTic Gaming to the top of the world in the CoD scene.

On the other hand, let’s remember that iLLeY was also part of that spectacular Dallas Empire squad that took the champions trophy in the CoD League Championship 2020. In that team, there was also Huke, the pillar of the Empire, to crush Atlanta FaZe in the grand final.

iLLeY’s replacement is Ghosty

OpTic Texas has confirmed that iLLeY’s replacement in the starting lineup for 2023 will be CoD Challengers player Daniel “Ghosty” Rothe.

Rumors placed Ghosty on the radar of the Florida Mutineers after a spectacular 2022 Challengers season. However, the player changed his mind when he learned of OpTic’s interest in signing some amateur players to their lineup.

During the 2022 CoD Challengers season, Ghosty was the mainstay of Boston Breach’s academy.

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