| 26. November 2020

Nvidia RTX 3000 Equipped Laptops Coming in 1H 2021 Starting at $999

If you’re looking to buy a new gaming laptop and want a model equipped with an RTX 3000 graphics card, you’re in luck — these laptops will retail starting at just $999! That’s a stupendously small amount of money given what these machines will pack underneath the hood!

According to a new report, Nvidia has set the starting price of RTX 3060-equipped laptops at a meager $999. If you want even more power, RTX 3070 models will go for $1,299. And, of course, if you’re a power user (or just want the most frames you can get) then the RTX 3080 will also be available for $1,999. That last MSRP, of course, is a much tougher pill to swallow. But if you really need the firepower, it’ll definitely be worth it. Furthermore, if the leap Nvidia made with their RTX 3000 graphics cards is any indication, these laptops will be absolute gaming behemoths!

We can expect up to double the performance, depending on the title and how well it’s optimized. That’s nothing to scoff at, as you can imagine. Of course, these GPUs will be of the Max-Q variety, so performance won’t be quite as impressive, but the point still stands.

Nvidia RTX 3000 laptops

What About the CPUs?

This is where things get even better. Most of these laptops will come equipped with AMD Ryzen 5000H series APUs. This, in short, means you’ll be getting insane bang for your buck! A “basic” Ryzen 5 3000H series APU outclassed Intel across the board, and things will only get better come 2021. AMD will pack these immensely powerful processors with a ton of cores, high clock speeds, and still maintain a meager TDP. They will truly deliver unprecedented performance, therefore making these RTX 3000 laptops some of the best mobile machines money can buy.

Of course, these are just recommended MSRPs from Nvidia. Prices will surely vary from one manufacturer to another. Still, they shouldn’t diverge from this “plan” all too much, if at all. Also, 120 FPS high refresh rate displays are becoming the norm (at long last). You can expect one of those for $999 as well, if Nvidia’s roadmap is any indication! Either way, gamers will be getting a whole lot of value for their money next year!