NRG and Evil Geniuses dominate Group Stage of VCT Masters Tokyo 2023

The second international event of the VCT 2023 season, the Masters Tokyo, is already underway, and we have, after... Eduardo | 13. June 2023

The second international event of the VCT 2023 season, the Masters Tokyo, is already underway, and we have, after two days of competition, NRG and Evil Geniuses completely dominated the Group Stage to qualify for the playoffs.

So far, the VCT EMEA League teams are leaving much to be desired, as they have been unable to show all the potential we have seen throughout the season. On the other hand, NRG and EG, both from the Americas region, achieved two convincing victories to seal their ticket to the tournament’s next phase.

Let’s remember that only the last two teams to qualify for the playoffs are still to be determined since the champions of each of the world leagues are comfortably waiting in the Upper Bracket quarterfinals.

Let’s see what happened on the last day of the VCT Masters Tokyo

NRG dominated Group A and punched their ticket to the playoffs

NRG had a somewhat difficult second day of competition, as they had to face NaVi in the tournament’s first match. However, the North American squad gave a great blow on the table to take the victory by 2-1.

Then, in the Winners’ Match, they faced T1, one of the strongest Korean teams in the Pacific region. Just like in their first tournament match, NRG had to manage to take the win, as T1 started extremely strong, winning Lotus by 13-11.

On the second map, Bind, NRG woke up and hit back phenomenally to take the 13-7 win and even the series 1-1. Finally, we had a clash of titans in Pearl, defined in the map’s last moments, and the Americans won by 13-11.

Evil Geniuses crush DRX to qualify for VCT Masters Tokyo playoffs

Officially, we can say that Evil Geniuses is no Cinderella run, no more, no less. After the team surprised everyone in the VCT Americas League by finishing in the TOP 3 of the table and securing their ticket to Tokyo, they have now achieved their goal of qualifying for the tournament playoffs after two convincing victories against FÜT Esports and DRX.

FÜT Esports finished in third place in the VCT EMEA League and were undoubtedly favorites in the first match of this tournament. However, the North American squad came in completely inspired and got a clean sweep by 2-0 to advance to the Winners’ Match. In this match, EG took victories over Split (13-5) and Lotus (14-12).

Next, EG took on DRX, one of the top teams in the VCT Pacific League, who, in addition to placing second overall in the regional league standings, finished 3-4th in the VCT LOCK//IN. Likewise, EG proved that it does not eat stories and is not intimidated by big names.

The North American squad performed extraordinarily in the Winners Match against DRX to win 13-5 on Fracture and 13-9 on Ascent. As a result, Evil Geniuses qualifies for the playoffs with a perfect record (2-0) and demonstrating a spectacular level of play.

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