F1 Star Lewis Hamilton is a big fan of Fortnite and Starfield

British Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton has given an insight into which games he likes to play to relax.... Fragster | 27. November 2023

British Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton has given an insight into which games he likes to play to relax. Gaming has become increasingly popular for the masses in recent years, and it’s interesting to see how not only young people and gaming enthusiasts, but also celebrities and professional athletes are enjoying themselves with gaming.

At a time when the esports industry is expected to continue to grow and generate billions in revenue, well-known figures from music, sports and film have already bought into gaming. In addition, prominent Hollywood stars have appeared in computer games, such as Keanu Reeves and Idris Elba, who can be seen in “Cyberpunk 2077” by CD Projekt Red. Now Lewis Hamilton joins other top athletes such as footballer Erling Haaland in expressing his passion for video games.

Lewis Hamilton enjoys playing Fortnite

Lewis Hamilton, known for his unprecedented success story in Formula 1, has expressed his fondness for certain video games in an interview. The seven-time world champion shows a clear affinity for games that require a mix of strategy and action.

In a recent interview, Hamilton emphasized that the design possibilities in games like Fortnite particularly appeal to him.He appreciates the dynamic building component of this game more than the traditional gameplay of Call of Duty. While many consider him one of the best drivers in Formula 1 history due to his consistency and talent on the track, Hamilton also shows interest in the virtual world, where he switches between different genres.He even recently joined the Fortnite Icon Series, joining celebrities such as LeBron James and Eminem, who already have their own skins in the game.

Traditional athletes switch to esports

The boundaries between traditional sports and esports are becoming increasingly blurred. Both areas are characterized by competition, training and a high level of skill.While traditional sports emphasize a strong physical aspect, esports focus on mental abilities and skill. Nevertheless, there are clear overlaps such as the use of strategies, teamwork and a fanatical following that gathers at major tournaments.

The question of whether esports can be considered a legitimate sport is still hotly debated.
In some countries, esports is already recognized as a sport, which has far-reaching implications for players in terms of visa regulations and funding.In Germany, the discussion about the recognition of esports is officially linked to the definition of sport and includes aspects such as prescribed rules, organizational structures and the relationship between the state and sport.

Technological advances and the digital revolution have further facilitated esports by enabling global live broadcasts and bringing communities together. Although the physical components are different, the increasing professionalization of esports provides a parallel to conventional sports by placing similar demands on athletes such as discipline, endurance and tactical understanding.