Why Nisha won the Solo Event at BetBoom Dacha Dubai

Nisha has long been known for his individual prowess. When he left Team Secret at the end of 2022,... Radu M. | 11. February 2024

Nisha has long been known for his individual prowess. When he left Team Secret at the end of 2022, Puppey’s team immediately collapsed and became just another struggling Western European competitor. On the other hand, Team Liquid, who signed him, instantly became one of the world’s best teams.

To be fair, Liquid had already been a great team even before Nisha’s signing. At The International 11, they finished 3rd after losing against Secret in the lower bracket Final. But Nisha gave them something extra.

In 2023, the new Liquid roster played in five Grand Finals of tier 1 events, including all three Dota Pro Circuit Majors. They lost all of these matches because Gaimin Gladiators and Team Spirit were too strong for them. But their consistency was still phenomenal. This consistency would not have been possible without Nisha.

In the mid lane, his performance is always top-notch, and that gives Liquid a lot of options after the 10-minute mark. Naturally, a player of this caliber was expected to do well in BetBoom Dacha Dubai’s Solo Event. And he didn’t disappoint.

The path to glory in BetBoom Dacha Dubai’s individual tournament

Nisha won the tournament after beating players like ATF, Malr1ne, squad1x, gpk, and Xm. Most of them are not mid lane specialists, so it’s understandable that Nisha had an advantage over them. But the fact that they won against other strong players clearly indicates that they were good enough to compete against him.

In the last three matches, which were best-of-three and best-of-five, Nisha always lost one game. This clearly suggests that he is not invincible in the mid lane. But his consistency is far better than anyone else’s.

The competition gave the participants the opportunity to play not just Shadow Fiend, but also Mirana, Marci, Meepo, Pudge, and Lina, among others. This made it much more interesting to watch.

When you have an SF vs. SF matchup, the slightest mistake will lead to a decisive victory for one of the two sides. But when a different format is used, which allows all kinds of heroes to be picked, you can see much more clearly who the better midlaner is.

Nisha proved himself to be an extraordinary Mirana, but not a very good Pudge or Shadow Fiend. He lost the SF matchup both in the semifinals and the Grand Final. But he won with most of the other heroes he played.

Header: Team Liquid