Gaimin Gladiators win PMPL 2023 Europe Spring

Gaimin Gladiators, an organization that only entered the PUBG Mobile Esports competitive scene at the beginning of 2023, was... Eduardo | 1. May 2023

Gaimin Gladiators, an organization that only entered the PUBG Mobile Esports competitive scene at the beginning of 2023, was crowned champion of the PMPL 2023 Europe Spring. The team managed to keep their level of play at the top despite being under pressure in the last few games.

In the PMPL 2023 Europe Spring, we participated in 20 teams, of which 12 were directly invited, while the remaining eight qualified through the European Cup. This tournament lasted three weeks, and of all the teams, the 16 best teams competed in the grand final.

PMPL 2023 Europe Spring – Recap

During the tournament’s first phase, the best team was undoubtedly Major Pride, who finished in first place with 641 points, a truly spectacular total. They were followed by MadBulls and GameLord, who had 578 and 546 points, respectively. Gaimin Gladiators also had a good performance, but it was not as outstanding as that of Major Pride, as they finished in fifth place with a score of 535 points.

Everything seemed to indicate that Major Pride would be the tournament winner, as they started the grand finale of the PMPL 2023 Europe Spring with 76 points ahead of their closest rivals. Thanks to this and a great performance on the first day of the finals, they managed to be in first place with 122 points.

On the second day, Major Pride’s dominance started to diminish a bit, but their points cushion after the first day of the finals allowed them to continue topping the leaderboard with 207 points.

However, their third game was disastrous; they scored only 15 points after six games. As a result, the team threw away all their hard work, and their chances of winning the tournament were slowly slipping away. On the other hand, the Gaimin Gladiators had a rough start, but as the games went by, they improved and managed to climb to second place after the second day.

Finally, on the third day of the finals, the Gladiators boys scored 58 points to climb to first place in the standings and be crowned tournament champions.

GameLord reacts and takes third place

After being at the top of the table throughout the tournament, GameLord had a somewhat difficult start to the grand final. However, they managed to overcome the difficulties and finished in third place.

Undoubtedly, the surprise was that MadBulls, Western European champions in the fall of the previous season, finished in fifth place after a disappointing third day of the finals.

Now, the top eight teams of the tournament qualified directly for the European Championship. In this tournament, they will face eight of the best Turkish teams this season and will be played from June 8-11, 2023. Finally, the tournament winner will seal their ticket to the PMWI in Riyadh.

Header: Gaimin Gladiators