Natus Vincere win the EEU Qualifier for DreamLeague S23

After a very long absence, Natus Vincere has returned to top-tier Dota 2 with a victory in the Eastern... Radu M. | 25. March 2024

After a very long absence, Natus Vincere has returned to top-tier Dota 2 with a victory in the Eastern European Qualifier for DreamLeague S23. Of course, this would have not been possible without the recent signings.

In March 2024, Na’Vi decided to bring in two players: sanctity- and Yuragi. We don’t know very much about the first player, other than he used to compete for Lilgun and IHC Esports. But the second player is a former OG member who finished 3rd – 4th at Riyadh Masters 2022, 4th at PGL Arlington Major 2022, and 7th – 8th at The International 2022.

He has plenty of other great results, so his experience is good enough to allow him to carry his new team to important trophies. Or at least, to allow this great organization, which won the first edition of The International and played in two more Grand Finals, to return to its glory days.

Eastern Europe is currently full of excellent Dota 2 teams, but Na’Vi seem to be very capable in their current format.

Na’Vi’s results

Dota 2 DreamLeague S23 EEU


Na’Vi started the tournament with a match against ASAKURA and won 2 – 0. In both games, they used heroes like Tiny and powerful damage dealers like Sven and Phantom Assassin. They didn’t win with ease but at least they won.

In the second match, Na’Vi’s opponent was the mighty Team Spirit. This victory must have tasted great for Yuragi and his teammates, who needed a confidence boost. In both games, the strategy used by them revolved around Zeus and Shadow Demon. These two heroes proved to be very strong in the tactics employed by Na’Vi and the final score was 2 – 0.

In the upper bracket Final, Yuragi lost against Virtus.pro. His team tried to make Techies work and lost twice with him. They also picked Centaur in all three games, which was a bad idea.

In the lower bracket Final, Na’Vi did not face Team Spirit because Spirit were eliminated in the match before by 1win. This allowed them to win more easily but they still lost game 2 in just 25 minutes.

The Grand Final was very dramatic. Virtus.pro won game 1. Na’Vi won the next two. In game 4, VP won again after a 63-minute struggle. But in the 5th, the strength-based heroes picked by Na’Vi proved to be too much to handle in the late game. And the match was won at the end of a 53-minute game.

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