PUBG Mobile: FUT Esports crowned champion of the Turkish Spring Season PMPL

FUT Esports showed power during the PMPL Turkey Spring Season, which made them completely dominate the competitive scene. Thanks... Maria | 2. May 2023

FUT Esports showed power during the PMPL Turkey Spring Season, which made them completely dominate the competitive scene. Thanks to their good performances, the team won the championship title.

Recently FUT Esports signed a completely new lineup, where the players were not considered the best. However, these players proved their power by winning the tournament.

FUT Esports is crowned champion of the PMPL of Turkey Spring Season 2023

FUT Esports managed to make the finals with a total of 189 points, where the players had achieved 123 losses. The team in the first two games looked dominant and aggressive, while the next six were not very impressive. However, the first two games were enough to secure the victory for FUT Esports.

Ozarox Esports was the second-best team, who also had a very good performance in the finals, scoring 133 points. With Ozarox Esports, something similar happened to FUT Esports; the performance suffered a severe decline. However, they managed to stay in the second position.

PMPL Finals of the Spring Season 2023 Turkey season

During the finals, some teams performed much better than others. In the case of Next Ruya, they were not so strong in the first games. However, in the last six games, they improved significantly. Thanks to this significant improvement, Next Ruya managed to take the third position.

The Next Ruya squad was crowned champion in the PMGC 2021 West League; however, their performance dropped a bit during the past year, leading them to finish in sixth place in the 2022 Grand Finals. However, this year, the team could see a performance improvement, and they proved it with the third position.

Now, it is the turn of Fire Flux, one of the most veteran teams in the world, who are the current European champions. The team managed to take the fourth position. The team consistently performed throughout the final. However, their performance was insufficient to take them to the podium.

On the other hand, Besiktas Esports had an inconsistent performance throughout the finals. The first matches were very good. Then, however, in the last matches, their performance went downhill, and they managed to reach the fifth position.

List of positions of the best teams in the 2023 Turkish Spring Season 2023

  1. FUT Esports
  2. Ozarox Esports
  3. Next Rüya
  4. Fire Flux Esports
  5. Regnum Carya Esports
  6. Besiktas Esports
  7. BRA Esports
  8. Melissa Esports

Many people expected to see teams like S2G Gaming among the top positions. First, remember that S2G Gaming is the current world champion. However, their performance in this tournament was not very good, and they were in the 13th position.

On the other hand, fans of both Digital Athletics and Istanbul Wildcats expected to see them stronger during the finals. However, both teams were not in their best form and were placed 14th and 15th, respectively.

Finally, the top eight teams secured a place in the PMPL Europe Spring which will take place in a few weeks.

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