m0NESY: The young CS:GO prodigy that could be the GOAT in a few years

As the years go by, we can observe how the talent in the different esports is growing exponentially, but... Eduardo | 16. December 2022

As the years go by, we can observe how the talent in the different esports is growing exponentially, but few of these players end up demonstrating a level of play that, without a doubt, is a step above the rest.

In CS:GO, we have observed how in recent years, players like dev1ce, s1mple, and ZywOo have dominated the scene, but none of them had such a promising start as the young Russian Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov.

Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov

At only 17 years old, m0NESY is considered one of the best AWPers in the world today, and, not surprisingly, he has learned from s1mple after two years at NaVi’s academy.

Right now, m0NESY is one of the leading figures in CS:GO worldwide and plays for the European team of G2 Esports. This young talent is often considered a star with AWP, wildly when clutching. This only leaves us to wonder if we are in front of a player with veins of steel.

m0NESY demonstrates its high level at the BLAST Premier World Finals

Yes, at only 17 years old, m0NESY is already playing in a $1,000,000 tournament, and he has shown his extraordinary talent during the matches he has played.

There is no doubt that the Russian was the best player of the match in the series between G2 Esports and Outsiders, recent winners of the IEM Rio Major 2022. He had a spectacular K/D of 56-20 and made some incredible clutches, which were fundamental for G2’s victory.

1v2 at Inferno

At Inferno, m0NESY put on a formidable performance by performing two unique clutches for a young man of his age and in a tournament of this magnitude. Both were on the terrorist side, and one was with his weapon of choice, the AWP.

As we observed, m0NESY was up against the wall by two Outsiders players, who knew his position very well and were ready to finish him off. After a first shot missed by the Russian, all seemed lost for G2, but the quick shots with the AWP saved the day, leaving everyone, including me, stunned.

1v2 at Inferno – Again!

Another of the clutches for m0NESY was in a new 1v2, but this time in Inferno.

The young Russian planted the bomb after eliminating n0rb3r7 to finally read his opponent’s intentions, anticipate his position and finish him off with a spectacular headshot.

1v1 at Mirage

m0NESTY’s third and no less impressive clutch in the series was in G2 Esports’ crushing victory over Outsiders 16-1 in Mirage, in the match that knocked the reigning IEM Rio Major champions out of the tournament.

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