Activision announces the limited release of COD Mobile

A couple of days ago, Activision announced the following regions where they would make the limited release of COD... Maria | 18. March 2023

A couple of days ago, Activision announced the following regions where they would make the limited release of COD Mobile. At the same time, Chris Plummer, Activision’s senior vice president and co-head of Mobile, referred to several topics of interest to fans of the mobile title.

He also expressed his gratitude to the gaming community for all their support for the game, which already has more than 35 million pre-registered players awaiting its launch.

Limited release of COD Mobile

Chris Plummer, responsible for announcing the launch of COD Mobile, has explained the limited release of the game. Plummer said that the first beta test in Australia had succeeded with an excellent response from the public. In addition, thanks to your feedback, the game developers have been able to make adjustments that improve the title.

On the other hand, Plummer comments that it is likely to expand to other countries in South America and Europe very soon. In this way, they seek to considerably expand the audience without losing control. However, he adds that they cannot reach large nations to achieve this.

In his announcement, Chris Plummer said that the developers plan to add some nations in the coming days. So Activision intends to delay the launch and thus adjust all the details and errors the game may have. In this way, in its worldwide launch, it will be able to provide a fully functional and balanced game.

Activision is looking for small regions

Chris Plummer has clarified that they are looking for small regions to continue testing the game. They do not want to take it to large nations with huge audiences; they delay the launch until they get it up to standard. The game’s development team is first verifying that all targets are met before they can finally launch globally.

On the other hand, Plummer asks COD Mobile fans not to believe all the rumors circulating on social networks.

According to Plummer, the global release date has not yet been made public, and they will be in charge of announcing the date awaited by the fans.

The development team is working on improvements to the game

Thanks to the feedback from users of the game in alpha and beta testing, the team has implemented significant improvements to the game; they have achieved good stability of the title, something fundamental for the company.

Plummer, in his announcement, also comments that all their work is focused on making the necessary improvements to improve the gameplay; they have been able to do it all thanks to the users.

Undoubtedly, the Activision team is working hard to improve graphics, gameplay options, and optimization. Plummer concluded his announcement by adding that the title will soon be compatible with more mobile devices and will have additional game modes and challenges.

Header: Activision