LPL Summer Split Preview

LPL Summer 2023 starts on May 29 and will last for around three months. During this time, the 17... Radu M. | 24. May 2023

LPL Summer 2023 starts on May 29 and will last for around three months. During this time, the 17 participants will play a lot of matches and the winner qualifies directly to Worlds 2023.

This is the strongest region in the world at the moment, as demonstrated by the Mid-Season Invitational results. Two Chinese teams played in the Grand Final and had to defeat the strongest teams in South Korea, Europe, and North America along the way. Anyone who is interested in excellent LoL action should follow LPL Summer.


As usual, group stage matches will be played using the best-of-three format. The best 10 teams advance to the playoffs, where they compete in a double-elimination tournament where every match is a best-of-five series.

This way of doing things guarantees that the best teams will win and get the opportunity to represent China at Worlds.

What’s fascinating about this region is the number of participants that are allowed to play in LPL. With 17 teams in the race, the quantity and variety of action provided by this league is absolutely unparalleled.

Participants and favorites

Here are the 17 teams that will take part in LPL Summer 2023:

  • Anyone’s Legend
  • Bilibili Gaming
  • EDward Gaming
  • FunPlus Phoenix
  • Invictus Gaming
  • JD Gaming
  • LGD Gaming
  • LNG Esports
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • Oh My God
  • Rare Atom
  • Royal Never Give Up
  • Team WE
  • ThunderTalk Gaming
  • Top Esports
  • Ultra Prime
  • Weibo Gaming

Many of these teams are well-known and were among the best at previous Worlds events. At the moment, JD Gaming and Bilibili Gaming are the strongest, but many more are quite good and could cause upsets.

In the case of JDG, it’s very interesting to study how they forged their roster. Instead of taking the standard route, which involves just Chinese players, JDG chose to use a mix of Chinese and South Korean players. We don’t know how they communicate but we do know that they’re working well.

The best-known player on the team is probably Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk. The South Korean is the carry and had a lot of great matches both at MSI as well as during LPL Spring. At just 24, he has already played in two Worlds Grand Finals. He won in 2017 and was in the top-four four different times.

These results pretty much make Ruler one of the best carry players in LoL.

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