LOUD’s Saadhak confronts rumors that affected their Champions journey

LOUD’s in-game leader, Matias “Saadhak” Delipetro, once again talked about the rumors that swirled around star player Erick “aspas”... Shubh | 31. August 2023

LOUD’s in-game leader, Matias “Saadhak” Delipetro, once again talked about the rumors that swirled around star player Erick “aspas” Santos and the rest of the LOUD squad ahead of Valorant Champions this month. 

The storm of controversy struck less than two weeks before Valorant Champions commenced, enveloping LOUD’s team in a web of rumors, with talks swirling about possible tensions brewing between the enigmatic star player aspas and his fellow teammates. The catalyst for this controversy was a report from esports insider Rod “Slasher” Breslau, whose report on July 25 hinted at a strained relationship between Aspas and the team.

This report subsequently gave rise to rumors of aspas considering a departure from LOUD as the prospect of VCT 2024 loomed on the horizon. Simultaneously, Brazilian outlet Mais Esports added their voice to the conversation, fanning the flames with news of NRG’s apparent interest in enlisting aspas’s talents.

However, Saadhak promptly stepped up, asserting that the team was “united and focused” on clinching victory at Champions. Now that the dust has settled, with LOUD achieving a commendable third-place finish, Saadhak reiterates his stance, vehemently denying any internal issues within the squad.

“They really did our team dirty” – Saadhak’s respose to the claims

In an unfiltered statement, Saadhak expressed his frustration at the unfounded rumors that rocked the team’s preparations. “None of it existed, they really did our team dirty,” he asserted. “They created rumors out of nowhere. That aspas had gotten into a fight with Felipe “Less” Basso, that aspas was talking to another team. For fuck’s sake, we were just practicing. I talked to aspas, and he said he didn’t know anything, that he hadn’t even talked to LOUD.”

Saadhak’s conviction is evident as he questions the sudden disappearance of the rumors and contemplates whether they were designed to distract LOUD from their focus in the run-up to Champions. This narrative underscores the delicate balance between mental fortitude and distraction management that professional esports teams often grapple with.

Saadhak, aspas, and Less form the core of LOUD’s Valorant lineup, a trio that has been an integral part of the organization since February 2022, even securing victory at Valorant Champions 2022. As the VCT Global Contract Database reveals their contracts expiring at the end of 2023, the landscape hints at the possibility of significant roster changes for LOUD ahead of 2024.

Despite the uncertainties, LOUD’s head coach, Daniel “fRoD” Montaner, displayed optimism during a post-tournament press conference. Focused on rectifying in-game issues, fRoD affirmed the team’s determination to return stronger for the upcoming year.

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