LOUD and Paper Rex Join Madrid’s Top Four

The Swiss Stage of VCT Masters Madrid has ended, with four teams remaining in the competition. LOUD and Paper... Owen | 19. March 2024

The Swiss Stage of VCT Masters Madrid has ended, with four teams remaining in the competition. LOUD and Paper Rex survive their elimination matches to join Sentinels and Gen.G in the Playoffs.

LOUD 2-0 EDward Gaming

Though both teams came into this elimination match evenly favored, LOUD proved to be the better team on the day by a wide margin. This series turned out to be one of the most dominant matches in Valorant LAN history. 

The first map between the two teams was Icebox, the map choice of the Chinese squad. Less, who has been LOUD’s top performer throughout Kickoff and Madrid, continued his reign in the first half. Together with assistance from caunazin and qck, the Less and company took the first half by storm, winning it 11-1.

EDG could find some scraps after winning the second pistol round, but LOUD quickly struck back by winning the eco round and taking the map 13-2. Only a single member on the EDG side, Smoggy, posted double-digit kills on the first map. 

In the second map, the series didn’t change much, as the Brazilian side could dominate the entire first half on their map pick, Sunset. The newest recruit, qck, had a star-level performance on defense, going 18/6/2 on his trusty Phoenix. EDG could only manage a meager three rounds in the first half. 

After losing the second pistol round, EDG failed to collect any more wins and dropped the map 13-3, resulting in their elimination from the tournament. 


Image: Valorant Esports

With the series round score ending 26-5, EDG was publicly humiliated and has exited the tournament in 5-6th place. The series MVP was qck, who finished the series with a KDA of 38/19/3 and a 1.47 rating. 

Karmine Corp 1-2 Paper Rex

A day before this match, Team Heretics and Paper Rex had some spicy trash talking in the series, so Karmine Corp looked to avenge them in the series. This matchup ended as one of the most entertaining matches in the event so far. 

With a strong start from Paper Rex’s newest member, Monyet, the boys were able to dominate the nine rounds of the game with an 8-1 score. However, Karmine Corp could salvage the half and end it 8-4.

After winning the pistol and three more rounds, Paper Rex found themselves up 12-6. The European squad did not give up and won four straight to make the map close, but it was not enough as Paper Rex ended the map 13-10.

In the following map, Karmine Corp showed the world why their Lotus was feared by many. In such an Attacker-sided map, the EMEA first seed could win their defensive half 8-4. An easy 13-6 victory ensued as Karmine Corp could convert five straight rounds at the end to win the game. The American import, na4rrate, was once again posting incredible ratings. 

It was only appropriate that a series like this would go to a third map, with Ascent being the battleground. After being up 4-1 on their defense, Karmine Corp looked to stomp the first half. However, Paper Rex looked well-organized and made the half competitive, winning four straight rounds. Heroic plays from marteen’s Jett still kept Karmine Corp in the lead, 7-5 to end the half.

The 19-year-old marteen continued a star-level performance in the second half, but when the guns game out, Paper Rex tidied their defense to reach series point at 12-11. However, Karmine Corp managed to snag the 24th round to take it to overtime.

Despite their best efforts at keeping their tournament dreams alive, Karmine Corp dropped the ball in overtime, losing the series 14-12 against Paper Rex.


Image: Valorant Esports

Karmine Corp’s elimination meant no EMEA teams have made it to the Playoffs. Recall that Fnatic and Natus Vincere were taken out by Karmine Corp and Team Heretics in the VCT Kickoff tournament. 

Onto The Playoffs

After the game between LOUD and Paper Rex, the matchup draws were conducted. Many did not like it, but the first round of Playoffs will feature two rematches between the two remaining regions:

  • Sentinels vs. LOUD
  • Gen.G vs. Paper Rex

Still, the Playoffs will follow a double-elimination bracket, so the losers of the first round will not be eliminated directly.


Image: Valorant Esports

Matches will resume on March 21 and the tournament will reach its conclusion on March 24.

Header: Paper Rex