Leo Messi joins KRÜ Esports as co-owner

When we read or hear Messi, we think of the player who shone with Barcelona, PSG, and the Argentine... Eduardo | 8. November 2023

When we read or hear Messi, we think of the player who shone with Barcelona, PSG, and the Argentine National Team. However, there is also a Messi who wants to invest and, above all, who likes video games.

A few hours ago, the South American esports organization KRÜ Esports announced that Leo Messi had become a new co-owner. As a result, the organization created by Sergio “Kun” Agüero now belongs to both soccer players, who are also great friends.

There is no doubt that this marks a before and after in the history of esports in South America and the world. We all know Leo Messi’s impact on the world, and his investment in esports is a big step for everyone in the scene.

KRÜ Esports announce Leo Messi as new co-owner

Through a video on its various social networks starring Sergio Agüero himself, KRÜ Esports announced that Leo Messi is its new co-owner.

For those of us who watched the video without knowing what it was about, we came to think that Aguero was leaving the organization. However, at one point, he jokes, as he always does, and announces that his great friend, Messi, will be a co-owner of his organization.

Let’s remember that “Kun” created KRÜ Esports a year before he started suffering from heart problems that forced him to retire from professional soccer with Barça. Currently, the organization has divisions of VALORANT and Rocket League. Still, maybe with the arrival of Messi and the significant injection of money, divisions of LoL, CS2, and other esports could emerge.

On the other hand, let’s remember that KRÜ Esports is part of the VCT Americas League, and, in addition, they managed to qualify for the VALORANT Champions and the Rocket League World Championship in 2023. In all these events, Agüero appeared to support his teams and, above all, to help in any way he could.

In Sergio Agüero’s press release, “Kun” was praised as the “Best footballer in history” and his great friend Leo Messi. Agüero mentioned that his arrival at KRÜ projects values such as resilience, perseverance, and humility.

Messi is close to retirement

While “Kun” had to bring forward his retirement from professional soccer due to health problems, Leo Messi is nearing the end of his career, now playing for Inter Miami in the MLS.

Since Messi arrived in North America, besides being a figure in soccer, he has been an attraction for many team fans and MLS in general. After the signing of Messi, MLS has taken off in many ways and is now a very important league worldwide.

Now, at KRÜ Esports, they hope that Messi will also have a significant impact to try to considerably increase the brand’s popularity in the American continent and the world in general.

Finally, Messi is not the only star to venture into esports worldwide. Remember that Gerard Piqué is co-owner with Ibai Llanos of KOI, Virgil Van Dijk with Tundra Esports, Jesse Lingard with JLINGZ Esports, and David Beckham with Guild Esports.

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