PGL Major Copenhagen Viewership

Being the first Major in the history of Counter-Strike 2, PGL Major Copenhagen was expected to draw a lot... Radu M. | 1. April 2024

Being the first Major in the history of Counter-Strike 2, PGL Major Copenhagen was expected to draw a lot of attention from esports fans around the world. The fact that it took place in Europe further improved its audience numbers because the old continent loves this game.

Another thing that helped was the presence of formidable players and organizations, such as Natus Vincere, FaZe Clan, G2 Esports, Team Vitality, and many more.

These factors led to some pretty epic audience numbers. For a game that’s played by around 15 – 20 million people, having 1.85 million viewers for a Major Grand Final is not bad at all. Practically, 10% of the game’s player base decided to tune in and watch the spectacle.

Key Numbers

Here are the key viewership numbers for PGL Major Copenhagen, according to Escharts.

The peak viewers number was 1.85 million, which isn’t a new record but is certainly one of the best numbers for this metric that we’ve seen so far. PGL Major Stockholm, which took place in 2021, had 2.75 million peak viewers. But much of that success was caused by the fact that the audience was starved for a long time before the tournament.

The average number of viewers was 552.000, which is excellent. To put things in perspective, in 2023, the League of Legends World Championship had 1.26 million average viewers for a game whose player base is somewhere between 120 and 150 million.

CS2 is almost 10 times smaller but still managed to get almost half of World’s viewers on average.

The event ran for 105.5 hours and the total number of hours watched was around 58.2 million.

All these numbers should make people optimistic about the future of CS2. This FPS is currently doing better than Valorant and will likely preserve its devoted audience for many years to come.

On average, close to 900.000 people are playing CS2 at any given time. That number could be much higher and will certainly grow by 100.000 – 200.000 in the next 6 – 12 months.

Before the release of CS2, CS:GO had two months in which the average number of concurrent players was around 1.1 million. The reason why many of them abandoned the game had to do with CS2’s numerous bugs. Even pro players like s1mple decided to quit for a while. But we’re likely to see the game peaking again soon.

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