Patch 12.20 brings new solution for toxicity in League of Legends

Runes, items, and meta-altering champions are getting nerfed, while Riot will now automatically mute toxic players. Items and runes... Scott Kostov | 19. October 2022

Runes, items, and meta-altering champions are getting nerfed, while Riot will now automatically mute toxic players.

Items and runes

Lethal tempo has been the go-to keystone for ADC players ever since the preseason and Riot is finally nerfing the extra range it gives. Frozen Heart has been receiving buffs throughout the year to make up for the nerfs Deadman’s Plate sustained. Now when non-tanks are building it, Riot is increasing its price and making its passive weaker.

Phantom Dancer is the best attack speed Crit item in the game to the point where anti heal on Mortal Reminder isn’t worth it. That’s why they are giving it more attack damage in exchange for some attack speed. Sterak’s Gage will now give a bigger shield and more damage when triggered to give bruisers options outside of Death’s Dance. 

Champion nerfs

Aatrox has been dominating on the World’s stage, so his passive will now heal him for 80% of post-mitigation damage, not 100%. Maokai is another similar case, especially at the highest levels of play in the top lane. His ultimate ability will now have a longer cooldown later on and his passive will heal him for a lot less. Just like we predicted, bruisers are back in the mid-lane due to the meta shift.

Sett is the biggest offender, with no mage having enough damage to punish and kill him. That’s why Riot are lowering his magic resist, taking away some of the regeneration on his passive and forcing him to build fewer tank items. The previous patch introduced Blitzcrank to the jungle, but he’s seen a lot more success in the support role. With these changes, he should have a better time jungling without being so dominant in the support role. 

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Full Blitzcrank changes. Credit: Riot Games

Champion buffs

Elise and Akshan are getting quality-of-life changes, making her human form Q ability combo better, while Akshan can now spin around turrets endlessly. Kennen can now go over the attack speed limit after his E ability ends. Is this the return of on-hit Kennen? Wukong’s ultimate ability will now do more physical damage and Ziggs more magical damage on his Q ability. Can’t wait to play against those two in ARAM!

After Fizz and Ekko, Evelyn is the next AP assassin to get some love from Riot. Her W ability will now charm for longer at max rank while her Q ability will now do more damage at every point in the game. Gwen is also getting more damage on her Q ability, with the true damage on it being a good counter to all of the tanks in the meta.

Header: Riot Games