League of Legends receives an emergency update

The most recent League of Legends patch has been particularly problematic for Riot Games. Unfortunately, the developers’ errors of... Maria | 12. February 2023

The most recent League of Legends patch has been particularly problematic for Riot Games. Unfortunately, the developers’ errors of judgment were compounded by difficulties in introducing it due to the latest cyberattack that the company has suffered.

After the last update, two champions have stood out to the point that the company has had to introduce emergency measures to correct a drastic situation for the game’s balance. As a result, both Annie and the new Aurelion Sol have received significant nerfs.

Two giant champions after the latest patch


Annie is about to enter the list of the strongest champions in League of Legends. But, unfortunately, she probably won’t make it because Riot Games acted very fast; it took only 24 hours.

However, when she was used in the middle lane, the champion reached a winning percentage close to 57% in the game’s highest ranks. The situation as support was not much different. Despite having a somewhat lower record, around 55%, she was the strongest candidate for the position.

Annie 8

Credits: Riot Games

Aurelion Sol

The situation with Aurelion Sol seemed a little less severe. The winning percentage for the champion was almost 53.2%. But the seriousness of this is much greater. Due to the players’ inexperience, the initial win percentage of a new champion is usually relatively low when it is launched (and gameplay effects, it is a new champion).

In this sense, it is possible that the celestial dragon would have reached cosmic levels of strength in just a matter of days; in case Riot Games had not taken action. However, in reality, its nerfing could stop the growth of the win rate instead of reducing it.

AurelionSol 0 1

Credits: Riot Games

Changes to champions Annie and Aurelion Sol


Level armor:

  • Before: 5.2
  • Now: 4.7

E – Mana Cost

  • Before: 40
  • Now: 60-80

E – Shield Power

  • Before: 55% AP
  • Now: 40% AP

Aurelion Sol

Health per Level

  • Before: 106
  • Now: 100

Q – AP Ratio (Blast)

  • Before: 50%
  • Now: 40%

E – AP Scaling

  • Before: 40%
  • Now: 25%

E – Accumulations per casualty (epic monsters)

  • Before: 10
  • Now: 5

E – Accumulations per casualty (giant monsters)

  • Before: 5
  • Now: 3

R – Shockwave slowdown

  • Before: 75%
  • Now: 50% R – Shockwave slowdown

Given that Annie is a champion that almost all League of Legends players is familiar with and that she has recently suffered a power reduction in her shield, which is also more expensive, the changes to Annie are relatively easy to understand.

On the other hand, with Aurelion Sol, things are a bit more complicated. The health increase of this character at each level has been reduced, which reduces its durability in the final stages of the game.

The explosive damage of the Q (Breath of the Gods) when the five charges are accumulated. On the other hand, the stacks of E (Singularity) have also been modified so that he can less easily take advantage of his ability upgrades; and the global slowdown of his R (Shooting Star/ Celestial Twilight) when cast with maximum charges.

Header: Riot Games