Karrigan confirms he will not retire until winning a CS2 tournament

One of the game’s legends who remains active and plays at his highest possible level, Finn “karrigan” Andersen, stated... Eduardo | 19. May 2023

One of the game’s legends who remains active and plays at his highest possible level, Finn “karrigan” Andersen, stated in an interview that he will not consider retiring until winning a Counter-Strike 2 tournament.

The 33-year-old Danish-German legend is one of the few players who remains active at the highest level in the CS:GO scene. He has shared some thoughts on what his future will be following the Paris Major quarterfinal elimination by Heroic.

Karrigan says he won’t be retiring for now

While many in the community might think that FaZe Clan’s elimination from the Paris Major would mean the player’s end in the professional scene, karrigan has stated that he will not be retiring for now. Moreover, the 33-year-old legend mentioned wanting to be part of the CS2 pro scene and win a tournament.

As we noted, in the interview after being eliminated from the Paris Major, Karrigan mentions that he wants to be one of the players remembered for winning tournaments in three games, namely CS 1.6, CS:GO, and CS2. The 33-year-old mentioned that he is not going anywhere, and his only plan is to keep working hard to be better prepared for the next Major. Recall that the next Major will be played in Counter-Strike 2 in March 2024 in Copenhagen.

About karrigan

For those who are somewhat new to the scene, we should remember that karrigan started his career as a pro in Valve’s shooter in 2008, playing CS 1.6. While it is true that his performance is not at the peak, as it was in previous years, there is no doubt that his experience and knowledge are essential to lead any squad he belongs to success. Moreover, remember that he led FaZe Clan to win the Intel Grand Slam S4 a few months ago.

On the other hand, FaZe’s IGL has not been the only legendary player to deny rumors about his retirement. His teammate, 28-year-old Norwegian Håvard “rain” Nygaard, also assured that he would not retire despite having a son who has just been born.

Undoubtedly, FaZe Clan is living a somewhat difficult time in the CS:GO scene at the highest level. The team had to fight hard in each match, as they started the Legends Stage with a 0-2 record. Then, after an excellent comeback, they managed to beat NaVi in the last match of this stage to qualify for the Champions Stage.

Unfortunately for the team and the fans, they had to face Heroic, a team that is undoubtedly at their best possible level, and ended up losing 1-2 in the tournament’s quarterfinals. While it is true that FaZe was eliminated, in the official BLAST broadcast, we could hear how the fans chanted his name on stage. In conclusion, this shows how popular this player has been in the history of CS:GO.

Header: Stephanie Lieske | ESL