Karmine Corp reportedly close to playing in LEC in 2024

Very good news for the French League of Legends and especially the EMEA region, as Karmine Corp is reportedly... Eduardo | 18. September 2023

Very good news for the French League of Legends and especially the EMEA region, as Karmine Corp is reportedly very close to securing a spot in the LEC to play next season.

The reports come to light after, at the popular KCorp vs. The World event, Kameto, the owner of KCorp, said that they are “very close” to getting a spot in the LEC and are very advanced in negotiations.

Undoubtedly, this could prove to be a big win for the organization and the LEC in general. Karmine Corp is France’s most popular esports organization and has a large fan base on social networks and those faithfully active in broadcasts. As a result, the LEC could greatly increase its audience in the upcoming season.

However, this may be somewhat counterproductive, as most of KCorp’s fans only speak French, so it remains to be seen how they will manage to unite them all in one language.

KCorp very close to a place in the LEC 2024

In addition to giving fans a lot of excitement, the World event also brought the news that the organization is building an esports “Arena” to host large-scale events. However, the news that grabbed the public’s and fans’ attention on social media was that the organization is very close to getting its spot for the LEC 2024.

While there are still a lot of questions about how KCorp will go about getting that LEC spot, what is clear is that, according to Kameto, they are “closer than ever” to getting it.

KCorp to enter the LEC in 2024

Nowadays, we have observed how many organizations are created, driven or simply supported by content creators; of course, they are really important and popular. Giving some examples, we can mention Disguised, KOI (Ibai Llanos), and Moist Esports, which have a huge fan base thanks to their creators.

However, in Europe, we have that KCorp is one of the esports orgs with the most support from content creators. As a result, this is the most popular team (and by a wide margin) within the LFL.

Translating Kameto’s speech from French, we have the KCorp owner saying:

“We are in a somewhat complicated position in that it is not 100% confirmed as of today. But, I can give you my word; we have never been this close to going to the LEC.”

Many questions surround this supposed arrival of KCorp to the LEC since they would have to buy out some other team’s spot. In addition, fans are also wondering if they will keep their lineup of players, and even if this move happens, the team would be without one of its stars, Caliste “Caliste” Henry-Hennebert. The French talent is only 17 years old, and, as we know, Riot Games allows only players over 18 to play in Tier 1 tournaments.

Now, everything is in the hands of the negotiations between KCorp, the LEC, and the probable teams that could sell their place for next season. One way or another, we cannot doubt that the organization is making a great effort to be at the highest competitive level in all its divisions.

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