Apex Pro Feu allegedly used wallhacks

In Apex, the accusations that players cheat are currently piling up. Now, ALGS pro Feu has also been caught... | 15. March 2022

In Apex, the accusations that players cheat are currently piling up. Now, ALGS pro Feu has also been caught in the crossfire after being accused by several colleagues of cheating with wallhacks. He claims his innocence, but at the moment it’s unclear if he really is. There is no firm verdict.

Did Feu cheat with wallhacks?

Over the weekend, Brazilian Apex Legends player Alefe “Feu” Santos was accused of using wallhacks in recent games of the South American professional league. On Monday afternoon, the Brazilian announced that his account had been suspended.On Saturday, player oPESADELO posted a clip of Feu’s gameplay via Twitter, saying that he was “suspicious” and that the player was probably cheating.

Jackes “Stalizy” Cardoso had also previously edited together videos accusing Feu of cheating. The clip hit the Apex community like a thunderbolt, and other pros spoke up shortly after. Pro player Tyler “Dezignful” Gardner of G2 commented under the clip that Feu was obviously using wallhacks. Will “TeQ” Starck of FURIA wrote: “It’s scary to know that this SA player who blatantly wallhacks is still playing in the pro league. I don’t understand how it can be so obvious and no action is taken.”

Feu denies the allegations

But Feu maintains his innocence and says he would never cheat: “I’ve been accused since the game was released,” he wrote. “I’ve played more than 9,000 hours on my account… I’m accused by people trying to ruin three years. I livestream everything I do while playing Apex Legends and my account was suspended today by EA due to pressure from above. I’m an EA affiliate. I’ve never been banned from anything.”

Feu, who is currently the kill leader in Apex Legends PC lobbies worldwide, has contacted ALGS staff to try to get his account restored now.

More cheating allegations

The ALGS, which still takes place entirely online, has been dealing with a massive increase in cheating discussions and accusations lately. TeQ from FURIA has also repeatedly claimed that William “SkittleCakes” August from Esport Arena, one of the best players in Apex, cheats regularly and skillfully.

In APAC North, the Korean player Cinap wrote that he was accused of cheating by his fellow players and asked EA to clear his name: “I want you to check my Apex account and make an official statement, such as ‘We didn’t find any problems on his account’ or ‘He is not a cheater.’ Thanks for your help.”

It’s a thing with gameplay clips, because they don’t provide ultimate proof, only speculation. What looks suspicious to some players looks perfectly legitimate to others. In addition, Apex’s spectator mode often looks unnatural, which adds fuel to the fire and fuels the rumors even more. So far, the ALGS League has not made any official comment on the situation with Feu and it is unclear what will happen next for the player.