John Cena might be coming to Overwatch 2 in Season 6 Invasion

Fans are convinced that WWE superstar John Cena is set to join Overwatch 2 with Season 6 Invasion following... Shubh | 30. July 2023

Fans are convinced that WWE superstar John Cena is set to join Overwatch 2 with Season 6 Invasion following a series of cryptic posts and an Instagram post from the WWE star himself.

Blizzard has been teasing new content for Season 6 Invasion, creating a stir among the Overwatch 2 community for the new season. Some sponsored streams are displaying random cryptic messages, which have been referred to as ‘hack attacks’ by the community. Many people think that the cryptic message is a preview of the impending “Invasion” update, which is scheduled to launch on August 10th.

One such cryptic message appeared as HTML-style code on Nathan ‘KarQ’ Chan’s stream and used the typeface family ‘Felix-Antony,’ which is Cena’s two middle names The color code “#042377” translates to simply the date Cena was born on April 23, 1977. The code also includes a shortened URL that points to an image that simply reads “JC.”

Aside from these odd hints, the code also included backdrop color code #161616, which might be a reference to the 16 championships the WWE star has won. Moreover, John Cena shared a screenshot of the Overwatch 2 Dev Hang from Twitch in a social media post that put fans into a frenzy. During the developer live stream, the developers were discussing potential collaboration opportunities for Overwatch 2.

A similar post was previously posted by John Cena on his social media accounts before his collaboration with Fortnite. Outside Fortnite, John Cena collaborated with other popular video games as well. The first DLC pack for Mortal Kombat 1 will feature John Cena as the Peacemaker character from DC’s Suicide Squad at San Diego Comic-Con.

Is Cena the “Enigma” mentioned in the trailer?

It is possible that the mysterious codes and Cena’s post are just coincidences, but given Blizzard’s recent success in landing Megan Fox for the Diablo marketing scene, bringing John Cena to Overwatch 2 is not entirely out of the question. With the mere rumors of his arrival, Cena has managed to create a frenzy of excitement for the highly anticipated Invasion update that will be included in Overwatch 2 season 6.

There will be a tonne of new material in the future update, including PvE, a new competitive mode, a new support hero, and more. Additionally, a brand-new Sombra redesign has been revealed in the newest Heroes Canz teaser for Overwatch. This change is definitely necessary to give Sombra the balanced appearance she needs because she frequently veers off the meta.

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