Is Blizzard trying to trick players into buying battle pass?

In every major update of any online video game, there tend to be many fans who are either for... Eduardo | 10. February 2023

In every major update of any online video game, there tend to be many fans who are either for or against it. The developers of these games can’t meet 100% of the expectations of all members of the community.

Overwatch 2 introduced its season 3 three days ago, precisely on February 7 of this year, and there are already different hypotheses about several features that the game has brought.

New in-game currency

One of the changes this Overwatch 2 season 3 update brought was the introduction of a new currency. With it, players will have greater opportunities to earn skins and in-game cosmetics.

However, many users have reported a minor hiccup on the official Overwatch 2 Battle Pass page, which has left players very uneasy. These people claim they do not know which currency they are acquiring. While some even highlight that there are malicious intentions on the part of Blizzard in this new economic system of the game.

A new way to earn credits

Starting with this new Overwatch 2 season, all players can earn different credits while leveling up the battle pass. This is regardless of whether they have previously purchased the battle pass.

This is what Activision did in the original Warzone in their battle pass. Players, without needing to purchase it, could earn CP over several seasons and thus collect to have the credits needed to purchase the battle pass eventually. There is no doubt that this is an excellent way to incentivize players and, above all, to attract more people.

Players who do not have the battle pass purchased will earn up to 1,500 credits. This is if they go up to the maximum battle pass level. While those who have purchased it will have up to 2,000 credits.

Similarity between Overwatch currencies

Overwatch premium coins, appear with a yellow icon very similar in color to the credits that appear on the battle pass rewards page. For the premium battle pass and legendary skins in the Heroes tab, coins must be purchased with real money. Credits are highlighted with a white icon in the purchasable skins listings and the money tracker in the top right corner of the same Heroes page. The designs of the Coins and Credits icons are very similar to each other.

why are the free credits yellow? shouldn’t they be white? you can’t buy battle pass with those from Overwatch

It’s unclear whether Blizzard wants gamers to grind or purchase the battle pass by confusing them with it. Many community members are hailing that Blizzard has done this on purpose, as one of them said on Reddit:

“Fr. There’s no way this wasn’t done to intentionally confuse people since the shapes are already extremely similar.”

On the other hand, other community members also think the same way.

There is no doubt that it is a rather strange situation on the part of this new coin system in Overwatch. However, a company as prestigious as Blizzard is unlikely to do anything to take advantage of its core consumers.

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