Import your CS:GO config to CS2

There is no doubt that the hype for the imminent release of CS2 is higher than ever, considering that... Eduardo | 19. September 2023

There is no doubt that the hype for the imminent release of CS2 is higher than ever, considering that we could be very close to it since, according to Valve, the game will be released “soon.”

Likewise, the CS2 developers have let many people worldwide try the game through the limited test or open beta as we know it today. Although there is still no exact date regarding the game’s official release, players can already have their little games with friends in CS2.

However, many have been wondering if it is possible to transfer all the CS:GO settings to CS2, as we know that this process can be a bit tedious, considering that the settings may not be fully remembered. Finally, if you have a CS:GO configuration that works great for you, we have the good news that you will be able to move it perfectly to CS2, and next, we will show you how.

Configuration in Counter-Strike

Undoubtedly, one of the most important parts of Counter-Strike is the configuration of the game because to be successful in the games, we must feel completely comfortable. However, this is subjective because all players have completely different desires and preferences.

As a result, it is of utmost importance that, if you have the configuration that suits all your requirements, you want to continue with it in the new title, the CS2.

While it is true that CS2 is currently presented as a different game, i.e., CS:GO is still available, there is a way to import your old configuration into the new title. Whether you copied it from a friend, a pro player or built it yourself from scratch, keeping your config will make the transition to CS2 an easier and comfortable process.

Importing CS:GO configs to CS2

As we know, many community members love to discover ways to make the job easy for some regarding commands and configurations. In this opportunity, a Twitter/X user, @JOptimizacion, shared a post explaining how to import your CS:GO config to CS2.

While the user explains it in detail in his Tweet, let’s do it here quickly.

  • Open CS2
  • Enter the practice mode (Competitive).
  • Select all the cells on the upper left side when selecting the map.
  • Enter any map
  • Open the console and enter the command “cl_import_csgo_config 1”.
  • Restart CS2

If you do these steps as is, you will have your CS:GO configuration in CS2. Just like that!

There is no doubt that CS2 generates a lot of expectations, and we are sure that it will revitalize the competitive esports scene and, above all, our beloved Counter-Strike.

Header: Valve