Astralis launches media company Blackbox Media

Danish esports organisation Astralis has announced that they will be venturing into the media business known as Blackbox Media.... Harrison | 17. December 2022

Danish esports organisation Astralis has announced that they will be venturing into the media business known as Blackbox Media.

Thanks to the venture, Astralis will now be the majority owner of the company which is also co-owned by Keld Reinicke and Henrik Juul.

Earlier this month, Astralis has also announced that they will enter a partnership with :Dribe, a car sharing startup from Denmark.  The esports organisation will be helping to promote :Dribe as an alternate car ownership in Europe even though the year has not been kind to Astralis.

Earlier this year, Astralis announced that they had lost approximately £720,000 for the first half of 2022, yet they saw an increase in revenue when compared to the year prior.

The new venture

With the newly formed venture, Blackbox will now be operated by senior Astralis figures and Astralis founder Jakob Lund Kristensen will now act as a co-founder and CEO. He will also be stepping down from his role as CRO and leaving the management in Astralis. Anders Hørsholt, the current CEO of Astralis has also taken the role of board chairman at the new company. Keld Reinicke and Henrik Juul will also be joining Astralis as a board member and co-founder respectively. 

The bespoke services offered by Blackbox media, will help companies in focusing brands for marketing, production and branding services for clients. It will also guide them in reaching audiences that are in “ constant motion”.

The board members that consists of both esports and media talents shows what Black Media plans to offer with their services. Although the company didn’t publicly share any details regarding the future clients and concepts, Kristensen did state that the company will help brands to develop brand strategies, production and execution, digital marketing and media understanding.


Keld Reinicke who is one of the board members and co-founder of Blackbox Media commented 

 “At Blackbox Media, we want to become the leading, modern media company. We guide brands to their audience, we help our customers understand the new media landscape in all its forms and developments, and we want to be part of the target group – from discovery to obsession.

Henrik Juul who is also a co-founder and board member of Blackbox Media added to the statement :  

“We are going to bring to the market a completely new approach to media and target groups, with the addition of extensive strategic and execution experience, knowledge of brands and marketing, as well as a deep understanding of tech, which means that we can help in a new, thoroughly integrated way.”

Who they are

Jakob Lund Kristensen is an experienced esports entrepreneur who have founded multiple successful ventures when it comes to esports such as Cophenhagan Wolves, RFRSH and he is known primarily as one of the co-founders of Astralis Group where he takes his role as a Chief Revenue Officer. 

Keld Reinicke is a well-known figure in the Danish broadcasting industry as he is an experienced professional. He has a wide portfolio ranging from production and television industry, consultant, advisor to lecturer. He also co-founded VEO Technologies which is a company that is currently developing an AI-enhanced camera that can be used in team sports. Henrik Juul who is a Danish movie producer will also be joining him.


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