1win are the winners of CCT East Europe Series #3

CCT East Europe Series #3 was a B-tier CS2 event that featured 24 teams and offered $50.000 in prize... Radu M. | 28. October 2023

CCT East Europe Series #3 was a B-tier CS2 event that featured 24 teams and offered $50.000 in prize money. However, despite its modest features, the tournament managed to bring together a lot of exciting competitors.

The list includes BIG, 00 Nation, 500, Virtus.pro, Bad News Eagles, BetBoom Team, Team Falcons, Sprout, and the winners, 1win.

Given the number of prestigious participants, 1win’s victory is highly relevant and may boost their chances of getting invited to more B-tier and A-tier tournaments in the future. Their current rank is 28th, which is not bad at all. In February this year, they were not even in the top 50.

For those who don’t follow CS2’s lesser-known tournaments and teams, 1win is a competitor that features Natus Vincere’s former IGL, Boombl4, who is now their IGL. This is likely one of the reasons why they were so successful at this event.

1win’s path to victory

1win was one of the directly invited high seed teams of the tournament. As a result, they didn’t have to go through the group stage, which consisted of a Swiss System competition.  They started directly in the playoffs, which involved 16 teams and used the single-elimination format.

This format meant that 1win had to win four consecutive matches to emerge victorious. And that’s exactly what they did.

On the surface, their success was a bit too easy because it was relatively uncontested by the other favorites. But in an esports tournament, you always need to start from the premise that the stronger teams win. This means that whoever ends up playing the Grand Final defeated a lot of tough opponents and deserves to be there.

For 1win, the path may have looked easy and the Grand Final opponent may have appeared to be one of the underdogs. But the fact that that team defeated ECSTATIC, Team Falcons, and MOUZ NXT clearly proves that they were not an easy team to beat.

The roster is a French one and includes players like Lucky and hAdji. The name is irrelevant because it’s practically a statement: Looking4Org.

To get to play and defeat them in the Grand Final, 1win had to beat three opponents first: Team Sampi, Bad News Eagles, and Preasy Esport. Of these three teams, only Bad News Eagles is an officially strong competitor. But that aside, 1win’s triumph was well-deserved.

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