Ibai would part ways with Infinite Reality

After a bad season in the LEC, it seems that one of the content creators and team owners, Ibai... Eduardo | 4. November 2023

After a bad season in the LEC, it seems that one of the content creators and team owners, Ibai Llanos, will start a new project in his esports career. As a result, Ibai will most likely part ways with his partner company, Infinite Reality.

This is hard news for KOI and, above all, for the team’s fans, as all indications are that Ibai will be parting ways with this esports project. However, although he will not be directly involved, Ibai will still own KOI (as a brand).

Reports claim that Ibai is parting ways with Infinite Reality

According to reports from popular esports journalist Alejandro “anonimotum” Gomis, Ibai Llanos, co-owner of KOI, is parting ways with Infinite Reality, his esports partner company.


First, remember that Infinite Reality are the “owners” of the Carolina Royal Ravens in the Call of Duty League and KOI (LoL and VALORANT). However, according to Gomis’ report, the 27-year-old content creator will work on a “new project” but remains the brand owner (KOI).

Likewise, let’s get to know a bit about Infinite Reality. For those who don’t know, this company was the one that Ibai and former FC Barcelona footballer Gerard Piqué (both co-owners of KOI) joined in the merger with Rogue for 2023 in the LEC. Furthermore, there is no doubt that this partnership was excellent news for everyone in the scene, as Rogue was one of the best teams in the league.

However, KOI has failed to have the expected success in any of the LEC Splits in 2023, so many changes of all kinds are expected in the team.

KOI did not reflect Rogue’s success

On the other hand, let’s remember that, after the merger, KOI had in its ranks some of the players who led Rogue to win the Summer Split 2022. Moreover, at that time, this European team was the only LEC team that managed to advance to the Worlds 2022 playoffs, which clearly showed that the team was for great things.

However, at the beginning of 2023, specifically the Winter Split, KOI had disappointing performances in their attempts to reach the top of the LEC. In addition to losing in first-round playoff games, the team made many childish mistakes that cost them victories against weaker teams.

As a result, fans, players, and the organization are immersed in a deep disappointment, and with Ibai’s departure, things could get worse.

Finally, it is also fair to remember that, in recent weeks, there were many rumors that Infinite Reality is not going through a good financial moment and has delayed some payments regarding the LoL division. Even reports claim that Ibai had to put money from his pocket to pay for KOI’s place in the LEC and staff salary.

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