How to use the grenade launcher to destroy your enemies in Warzone 2

While they can annoy you in matches, one of the most lethal weapons in Warzone 2 is the RGL-80.... Eduardo | 8. February 2023

While they can annoy you in matches, one of the most lethal weapons in Warzone 2 is the RGL-80. However, due to the shortage of grenade launcher ammo, it is still not very common.

On the RGL-80, players tend to use two main weapons, usually one short-range and one long-range. If used correctly, the grenade launcher can be pretty lethal and take out enemies in seconds.

One of the best Warzone 2 players in the world, Metaphor, has recently shared on his YouTube channel a spectacular strategy for using the RGL-80 grenade launcher correctly.

Loadout for the RGL-80 according to Metaphor

The Call of Duty community is well aware of who Metaphor is. In addition to providing loadouts, the content creator frequently offers original points of view on various game-related topics. In his most recent video, the Warzone 2 specialist talks about the ideal RGL-80 tactic to maximize your effectiveness.

Players will need two weapons in their class to replicate Metaphor’s RGL-80 grenade launcher strategy. An automatic rifle and, of course, the RGL-80. According to this professional gamer and content creator, the best option is to use a TAQ-V with the following accessories.

  • Muzzle: Sakin Tread-40
  • Underbarrel: Lockgrip Precision-40
  • Ammunition: 7.62 High Velocity
  • Magazine: 30-Round Mag
  • Stock: Tactique Brute Stock

This will be a solid mid-range accessory configuration that perfectly complements the RGL-80.

This strategy can not only be used in Battle Royale because, in DMZ mode, there is also a mission that fits perfectly. Of course, we are talking about the mission in which you must kill the boss of Building 21 to take his RGL-80.

Weakness of the RGL

There is no doubt that the main weakness that the RGL-80 has is its lack of ammunition. That’s why Metaphor advises players to buy Ammo Boxes at any supply station or to keep them in case they find them in the loot boxes.

As we can see in the video, Metaphor is in charge of eliminating all its enemies with the RGL-80. Since it only takes two grenades to annihilate the enemies, this professional player finishes off his rivals before they can escape after being shot down.

If things got a little more complicated, Metaphor would switch to his TAQ-V and finish crushing his opponents.

The truth is that this strategy looks extremely interesting in Warzone 2 games. However, using it in solo games is advisable because when you face more enemies, you can be exposed if you miss the grenade launchers shot. On the other hand, the most complicated part of this would be to find the RGL-80 because if you don’t get it in the loot caches, you will have to buy them at the shopping stations.

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