Honkai Star Rail Codes: How To Redeem Them

Honkai Star Rail has captivated gamers with its characters, story and gameplay. Players will certainly run into resources-requiring situations... Stalingrad | 21. April 2024

Honkai Star Rail has captivated gamers with its characters, story and gameplay. Players will certainly run into resources-requiring situations as they move through the universe. Luckily for players, developer HoYoverse has provided a way to earn codes for some pretty awesome in-game loot.

What are the Honkai Star Rail Codes?

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Honkai Star Rail codes are combinations that can be used to unlock various rewards throughout the game. These codes are typically issued during live streams, events or promo campaigns. With these codes, players can obtain Stellar Jades, Credits, Traveler’s Guides, consumables, and more to aid their quest.

Stellar Jades are the game’s premium currency and a major part of the gacha system, which also exists in Honkai Star Rail. Stellar Jades also allows players to take part in character banners and in doing so have a better chance of snatching up powerful characters to add to their team. 

Traveler’s Guides & consumables, on the other hand, will provide players with a much needed boost on the trail. Characters can be leveled via Traveler’s Guides, while consumables such as Bottled Soda and Sour Dreams Soft Candy replenish stamina or give temporary stat boosts.

Current Active Honkai Star Rail Codes

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As of April 19, 2024, the following Honkai Star Rail codes are active and redeemable for rewards:

  • STARRAILGIFT – 50 Stellar Jade, 10,000 Credits, 2 Traveler’s Guide, 5 Bottled Soda
  • ST3SHPNLNTN3 – 50 Stellar Jade, 10,000 Credits
  • MOREPEACH – 3 Traveler’s Guide, 2 Sour Dreams Soft Candies
  • 0327CARNIVAL – 5,000 Credits, 2 Sour Dreams Soft Candy
  • HSR1YEAR – 5,000 Credits, 1 All or Nothing
  • POMPOMPOWER – 5,000 Credits, 1 High-Tech Protective Gear
  • BTKBH6P47B77 – 50 Stellar Jade, 10,000 Credits
  • 5AJTZPPMN8VB – 100 Stellar Jade – Jade
  • QBJTY77MN9T7 – 20,000 Credits

Note that some codes have expiration dates or usage restrictions – so redeem them quickly to maximize your rewards.

How to Redeem Honkai Star Rail Codes?

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Honkai Star Rail codes can be easily redeemed using the game client or a web browser. The steps are below:

How to redeem In-Game:

  • Open the game and click the primary menu.
  • Click those three dots next to your character’s profile pic.
  • Click “Redemption Code.”
  • Enter the code and click “Confirm.” 5. You can collect the rewards in your in game mailbox.

How to Redeem from the Web Browser:

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  • Log into the HoYoverse Redeem Code site (hsr.hoyoverse.com/gift) and sign in with your account.
  • Choose your region’s server.
  • Confirm your character’s nickname.
  • Enter the redemption code.
  • Gameplay: Click the game to play and check your mail for the rewards.

Honkai Star Rail Prime Gaming Reward

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Amazon Prime subscribers can also claim additional Honkai Star Rail rewards through the Prime Gaming service. These rewards usually include Stellar Jades, Traveler’s Guides, and other consumables that will boost your in-game progress.


Honkai Star Rail codes are a great way to supplement in-game resources and give yourself an advantage on the journey. By constantly being alert to brand new codes and redeeming them immediately, you need to be much better ready to tackle any issues that may arise. So what are you waiting for? Start using those codes and experience an unforgettable journey with Honkai Star Rail!