Holographic side panel transforms PC into a real eye-catcher

These days, you can beautify the inside of your PC with all sorts of things, but adding a holographic... Fragster | 11. January 2023

These days, you can beautify the inside of your PC with all sorts of things, but adding a holographic display is something new. Undoubtedly, this takes any PC design to a whole new, more ornate level and makes every PC an absolute eye-catcher.

Showcase PC last year showed off small and large versions of the panel that can be placed inside or outside the case window, giving the PC a whole new, exciting look.

Holographic PC case from Showcase PC

At last year’s CES, a company called Showcase PC introduced holographic PC cases that project images from the side or top of the case. The cases were never released, but the company changed its name to Showcase Hologram and plans to release holographic side panel kits that you can install on your existing PC case.

The company offers two versions of what is officially dubbed the Hologram Side Panel: a large unit that attaches in place of the PC side window, and a small kit that attaches to the inside of the PC window. The large kit involves attaching a magnetic stand to the outside of the PC case and then placing the clear acrylic hologram box, which contains the spinning hologram lights and electronics, on top of the stand. The company says the large hologram side panel can take the place of a PC’s existing side window if you can remove the window from the case.

How the kit works

The small kit attaches to the inside of your computer and can be placed in a corner. The boxes are sealed and powered via USB, so you could theoretically use them independently of a PC. Showcase said the images and animations can be uploaded via a mobile app. All black pixels in the image are interpreted as transparent, it said.

Making the holographic panels independent of the case seems like a much more viable idea than last year’s product, which had them built into a case. That way, you can use the holograms with a case you already own and the company doesn’t have to bother designing a case that may not appeal to everyone.

Showcase Hologram also plans to sell a range of non-PC hologram kits, including frames and even wearable holograms. The small and large hologram side panel kits will be available for around $150 and $200 respectively when they launch in the second or third quarter of this year.

Header: Showcase PC