Helldivers 2: Factory Strider Weakness and How To Exploit it

The Factory Strider is a formidable opponent in Helldivers 2’s war-torn battlefields, a reminder of the Automaton faction’s technological... Stalingrad | 23. April 2024

The Factory Strider is a formidable opponent in Helldivers 2’s war-torn battlefields, a reminder of the Automaton faction’s technological power. Its heavily armored exterior and arsenal of ferocious weapons make it a real test for even the most daring Helldiver. But like any opponent, the Factory Strider has weaknesses – and knowing them is key to winning your quest to free planets from the Automaton hold.

Where to Find Factory Striders

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These mechanical behemoths are not encountered in the early stages of your campaign. Factory Striders will only make their intimidating presence known on operations at level seven or higher, with their appearance becoming more frequent as you approach level nine missions. They often guard primary and secondary objectives, serving as a formidable barrier to your progress.

While their sightings on lower difficulties are rare, they can still occur, making it essential to be prepared for their arrival at all times. Additionally, you may even undertake missions specifically designed to eliminate these dreadnoughts, putting your skills to the ultimate test.

Exploiting the Factory Strider’s Weaknesses

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Despite their imposing stature, the Factory Striders possess several vulnerabilities that can be exploited to bring them down. One of the most effective strategies is to target and disable their destructible components, such as the cannon turret, machine guns, and the Devastator Fabricator.

The cannon turret, perched atop the Strider, can be obliterated with heavy-penetrating weapons like the EAT, Recoilless Rifle, or the newly added Quasar Cannon. For those that like to play with more precision, the Spear can take it out in a single clean shot by focusing on its weak spots directly.

The front-mounted machine guns are a great threat but they can be easily defeated by medium-penetrating weapons like the Dominator, requiring only a few well-placed shots to disable each turret.

Best Weapons and Stratagems

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To effectively combat the Factory Striders, you’ll need to bring your most powerful arsenal. For stratagems, the Eagle 500KG Bomb and the Orbital Laser are among the most effective options. While they may not deliver a killing blow in a single strike, they can expose the Strider’s weak points, allowing you to finish it off with your support weapons.

The Expendable Anti-Tank, Recoilless Rifle, Auto Cannon, Spear, and more are all excellent choices for support weapons. The Autocannon Sentry, if not destroyed, can take down a Factory Strider in a matter of seconds, making it a valuable asset in your arsenal.

For primary weapons, the JAR-5 Dominator and the SG-8 Slugger are ideal choices, as their medium armor penetration capabilities allow you to quickly disable the machine guns on the Strider’s head with just four to five well-placed shots.

Exploiting Weak Points

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In addition to disabling its destructible components, the Factory Strider has two critical weak points that can be exploited for a swift takedown. The first is its face, where a vulnerable spot can be found in the left eyeball or the rectangular hole. Targeting this area with medium-penetrating weapons can expose its vulnerability and deal significant damage.

The second weak point lies in the Strider’s leg joints and shoulder joints. While these areas are more challenging to hit, they provide an alternative target if the face is not accessible.

Teamwork and Coordination

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Defeating a Factory Strider is no solo endeavor. It requires careful teamwork and coordination among your squad members. Coordinating your attacks to have all stratagems go off simultaneously can ensure that the Strider is taken down quickly, preventing it from unleashing its full destructive potential.

Additionally, utilizing the LIFT-850 Jump Pack can provide you with a strategic advantage, allowing you to take up positions that offer clear lines of sight while avoiding the smaller Automaton units that accompany the Strider.


In the face of the Factory Strider’s overwhelming might, knowledge is your greatest weapon. By understanding its weaknesses, employing the right weapons and stratagems, and coordinating your efforts as a team, you can turn the tide of battle and emerge victorious against this technological terror. Embrace the challenge, exploit its vulnerabilities, and continue your relentless march towards liberating planets from the clutches of the Automaton forces in Helldivers 2.