Guide to completing Hector Bellerin’s SBC TOTS Moments in FIFA 23

EA Sports has launched a new challenge that allows all FIFA 23 players to get an upgraded Héctor Bellerín... Maria | 5. June 2023

EA Sports has launched a new challenge that allows all FIFA 23 players to get an upgraded Héctor Bellerín card. This new SBC can be completed until June 11.

Thanks to the nature of the challenge, each player knows in advance what the reward is; best of all, no one depends on the chance to get it. Instead, players only need to fulfill the requirements imposed by the game developers to incorporate Bellerín’s card into their collection.

That is why, today, we bring you a guide with all the details associated with Bellerin’s SBC; this way, you can determine if it is worth completing it.

All the details of Hector Bellerin’s SBC TOTS Moments

For this new challenge, EA Sports has kept things very simple; you only need to complete one task to get the reward card. With only one associated task, this SBC is very inexpensive and can be completed by any player.

Hector Bellerin TOTS Moments SBC Task

To complete the Bellerín SBC task, users must assemble a squad with the following requirements:

  • One player from Liga Portugal
  • One player from GRL 85 or higher
  • Minimum team star value of 84
  • One TOTW or TOTS player

Cost of Hector Bellerin TOTS Moments SBC

As we mentioned earlier, this challenge of having only one associated task is very economical. Players should spend 32,800 coins if they need to buy all the fodder.

However, the completion cost can be much lower if the own material is used. In addition, players can play different FIFA 23 game modes to get useful material, thus saving a lot of coins.

Hector Bellerin TOTS Moments SBC Reward

Players who complete Bellerín’s unique task receive a footballer enhancement card as a reward.

Héctor Bellerín’s card statistics

  • Pace: 95
  • Shooting: 81
  • Passing: 88
  • Dribbling: 91
  • Defense: 88
  • Physical: 85

Looking at his stats, you can tell he is a pretty good player for competitive squads; however, he is not one of the most special players in the game, as he will not be as easy to link up with other players.

Now, Bellerín’s card should work very well as a demanding striker and deliver on most occasions. But, on the other hand, one of the most surprising stats of this player is his short passing, and his dribbling attributes are excellent for a winger.

Combining Bellerín’s stats, the player can perform remarkably well and be correct and useful in many players’ squads.

So, we recommend that all players on a tight budget complete this SBC, as it can work well in the game’s current meta.

Header: EA Sports