Group B of BetBoom Dacha starts with two upsets

BetBoom Dacha was supposed to be a great opportunity for FURIA Esports to confirm their new level of skill,... Radu M. | 6. December 2023

BetBoom Dacha was supposed to be a great opportunity for FURIA Esports to confirm their new level of skill, which they demonstrated at Elisa Masters Espoo. For Astralis, the event was supposed to start with a good result because they’ve recently made a huge update to their roster.

In both cases, the fans were disappointed. Astralis lost against Virtus.pro, while FURIA were defeated by Team Spirit. It seems that CIS teams are still strong, despite not achieving anything significant at S-tier tournaments in recent months.

Astralis vs. Virtus.pro: 1 – 2

This match started poorly for Astralis, who lost the first half of Inferno 4 – 8. In the second half, they played a bit better, but it was too little too late. The final score was 9 – 13. As usual, blameF and device had excellent stats, and were followed by the third Astralis member, Staehr. The two new players, stavn and jabbi, struggled to win duels.

On the second map, the Danes performed much better and won 13 – 10. Everyone did a good job and the best player was Staehr, who finished Mirage with a record of 19 – 12 / 1.34. Despite his 17 frags, Jame could not prevent the defeat of VP.

On the third map, the first half was close. But on the second map, VP won quite easily. The score was 7 – 13. Once again, blameF and device did an excellent job but received too little support from their team.

FURIA vs. Spirit: 0 – 2

FURIA suffered a shocking defeat against Spirit on Nuke. After winning the first half 9 – 3, they ended up losing 9 – 13 because of a 0 – 10 second half. This was a monumental failure and it certainly demoralized the Brazilian squad. On the second map, they were not the same. Here, once again, they did well in the first half (6 – 6) but got crushed in the second half (2 – 7).

FalleN had one of the worst matches of the season, ending with a record of 11 – 28 / 0.62. The best player on FURIA was KSCERATO: 38 – 26 / 1.32. The best player on the server was donk from Spirit, whose 43 – 28 / 1.48 record was essential in bringing the victory to his team.

Because of their defeats, FURIA and Astralis will need to play in the elimination match and one of them will be out of the race already.

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