Gladiators and Xtreme excel at BetBoom Dacha Dubai

BetBoom Dacha Dubai is about to enter its fourth day. So far, things have gone pretty much according to... Radu M. | 7. February 2024

BetBoom Dacha Dubai is about to enter its fourth day. So far, things have gone pretty much according to expectations.

In group A, Gaimin Gladiators, LGD Gaming, and Team Liquid obtained 4 out of 6 points in their first three matches. In group B, Xtreme Gaming obtained 5 while Team Spirit obtained 4.

The worst teams so far have been Aurora (1 point) and nouns (1 point). Despite the best-of-two format, there have been quite a few decisive results and not all of them were in favor of the better-rated team.

Group A results

In group A of BetBoom Dacha Dubai, Gladiators started with two victories. One against Team Liquid and another against Aurora. These victories were followed by a totally unexpected defeat against Team Falcons.

In the match against Liquid, everyone was curious to see if anything changed since last season. Dota 2 fans who followed professional tournaments in 2023 know that Liquid got owned by Gladiators the entire year, losing no less than five times against them in key matches. Four of them were Grand Finals.

This time it was more of the same. Gladiators won game 1 in less than 29 minutes and game 2 in 32. Both times, they used a Venge-based strategy. Liquid responded with Lion and other heroes that are good at crowd-control, but they weren’t able to do much against what Gladiators threw at them.

After this defeat, Liquid then won two matches, against Virtus.pro and Falcons. In doing so, they proved that they’re still a great team but simply don’t know how to win against their nemesis, Gladiators.

LGD Gaming is the only undefeated team in this group, having one victory and two draws so far.

Group B results

Xtreme Gaming is dominating in this group, using a wide range of strategies. Against BetBoom Team, they played Anti-Mage and Naga Siren strats. Against Azure Ray, they used Faceless Void and Slark. Against Spirit, they picked Medusa and Luna.

The Luna game was lost, but only because Spirit’s Yatoro is phenomenal when he plays Faceless Void. Plus his team knew exactly what to do to set him up for success.

A lot could still happen in this group. There are two more match series left to be played and it will be interesting to see who qualifies for the playoffs. By the looks of things, the Eastern European and Chinese teams will be the successful ones.

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