G2 Eliminate Virtus.pro at IEM Chengdu

G2 Esports had a challenging group stage. They were sent to the lower bracket after the second match, which... Radu M. | 12. April 2024

G2 Esports had a challenging group stage. They were sent to the lower bracket after the second match, which they lost against Team Liquid. After this result, they were required to win two best-of-three matches to advance to the playoffs.

The first one was played against the Chinese squad from Lynn Vision. Despite the difficulties, m0NESY and NiKo eventually carried their team to victory. HooXi struggled in this match but he’s the IGL, so it was partially expected.

Only players like dev1ce can take the IGL role and continue to perform as if they hadn’t. The scores were 13 – 8 and 13 – 11.

In the lower bracket Final, G2 played against HEROIC and had another tough match. In the end, the same two players carried them to victory. The scores were 10 – 13 and 13 – 16. This victory sent G2 to the quarterfinals of IEM Chengdu.

Quarterfinals Result

In the first match of the playoffs, NiKo and his teammates had to play against Virtus.pro. On paper, it looked like anyone could win. The two teams had faced each other at PGL Major Copenhagen, in the 5th round of the second stage.

Despite losing the first map and being led 7 – 5 on the second map, G2 won that match 2 – 1 and then went on to finish 3rd – 4th.

Here, the scores were 6 – 13 and 10 – 13. G2 were carried, once again, by m0NESY and NiKo. If they continue like this, both of them will finish in the top 10 again at the individual level.

The scores of the two players in this match were 32 – 19 and 34 – 27. NiKo died more often because he’s a rifler. For m0NESY, who often uses the AWP, it is much easier to avoid getting killed, especially if his team is winning a lot more rounds than the opponent side.

Thanks to this victory, G2 will play once again against MOUZ. But this time it will be in the semifinals. The two teams faced each other at the Copenhagen Major, where G2 won 2 – 0 without too many problems. No doubt, MOUZ will want to avenge their defeat. Hopefully, this time we won’t experience any interference from the fans.

Header: G2 Esports