FPS tourneys dominate most-watched esports events in February 2024 – Esports Charts

3 out of the top 5 most-watched esports events worldwide in February 2024 came from tac shooters, according to... Paolo | 6. March 2024

3 out of the top 5 most-watched esports events worldwide in February 2024 came from tac shooters, according to the latest report from worldwide esports statistics authority Esports Charts.

Counter-Strike 2, VALORANT, and Rainbow Six Siege tourneys were among the most-viewed tourneys for the month.

February’s most popular tournament was the thrilling Grand Finals match between a resurgent Team Spirit and FaZe Clan during the Counter-Strike 2 events of IEM Katowice 2024. The 3-0 win by Team Spirit was seen by over 972,000 peak viewers during the final, which was held last February 11.

Esports Charts also noted that this particular event holds the second spot in the top list of the most popular tournaments of 2024 — only to be surpassed by League of Legends’ LCK Spring 2024 with 1.2M peak viewers.

Also among Esports Charts’ list is the just-concluded VCT 2024: Americas Kickoff, which placed 4th in the list with over 592.7k peak viewers, particularly during the LOUD vs Leviathan match. Despite the LOUD vs Sentinels finals being particularly part of this tournament, the record-setting 823,000+ peak views were excluded from the count, as this was held in early march.

In fifth place, meanwhile, is the Six Invitational 2024 – which set a record for Rainbow Six Siege esports.

The event, which attracted over 521,000 peak viewers, took place in Sao Paulo and was brightened up by an all-Brazilian final featuring FaZe Clan and w7m esports. W7m emerged victorious after an epic comeback from a mostly-dominant FaZe and secured their first-ever Six Invitational title.

Meanwhile, a back-to-back podium finish in the most-viewed February leaderboards from Esports Charts came from two key League of Legends tournaments.

LEC Winter 2024 was the second most-viewed esports event in February, with the G2 Esports vs Mad Lions KOI grand finals securing a whopping 830.8k peak viewers. “This match secured another split victory for G2 Esports and marked the fourth-highest peak viewership in the league’s history, which wouldn’t have been possible without co-casting,” Esports Charts noted.

Meanwhile, the T1 versus Nongshim RedForce group stage match of LCK 2024 in Korea was the third-highest viewed esports event of February 2024, with over 808,000 peak viewers.

Esports Charts’ data discounts viewerships from Chinese-based streaming services, citing “unreliability of data” among topmost concerns.