FNCS Major 2: Winners in all regions

The FNCS Major 2 is history in all regions of the world, and we already know duos have qualified... Eduardo | 15. May 2023

The FNCS Major 2 is history in all regions of the world, and we already know duos have qualified for the FNCS 2023 Global Championship. Recall that this tournament will be played from October 13-15, 2023, and will have nothing less than a prize pool of $4,000,000 to be distributed.

Each region had a weekend full of action, but, above all, a lot of emotions, as the best players in the world gathered to get their place in the FNCS 2023 Global Championship; in addition, cash prizes were distributed. On the other hand, it is also worth noting that the prizes and the number of quotas for the Global Championship in each region are completely different.


Due to many players in Europe, the FNCS Major 2 in this region distributed $910,000 in prize money and five slots for the upcoming FNCS 2023 Global Championship.

While there was a battle between many really good duos in the European region, there is no doubt that Aleksa “Queasy” Cvetkovic and Harry “veno” Pearson dominated virtually the entire Major. Thanks to their excellent performance this weekend and their six Victory Royales in 12 games played, the duo were crowned champions in the European region to seal their ticket to the FNCS 2023 Global Championship and take home $200,000 in prize money.

In addition, the following duos from this region also qualified for the Global Championship:

  • Vanyak3kk & Karmy
  • Iwo “Setty” Zając & Michał “Kami” Kamiński
  • Gripey & Felix “Flickzy” G.
  • Miran “IDrop” Tavakolzadeh & Mappi

North America

We had a much tighter competition in the NA region, as let’s remember that here are some of the best Fortnite players in the world. However, after an intense weekend, Lucas “Dukez” Cardenas and Ben “Edgey” Peterson won the FNCS Major 2 NA with 574 points. In addition, the duo also managed to take home a juicy $150,000 prize and qualification for the 2023 Global Championship.

In addition, the following duos also qualified for the Global Championship from this region:

  • Cooper & Matthew “Mero” Faitel
  • Pollo & Sphinx


En Brasil también tuvimos grandes emociones durante prácticamente todo el torneo. Sin embargo, todo se definió gracias a las seis Victory Royale de los argentinos Fazer y Thiago “K1nG” Lapp. Como resultado, el dúo argentino se proclamó campeón del FNCS Major 2 en Brasil con 694 puntos, se clasificaron al Global Championship y su premio fue de $31,000.

En la región de Brasil, se otorgó solo un cupo para el Global Championship.


As in Brazil, Asia also shared a single place for the Global Championship, and this time, it was won by the Japanese duo, Jaemon, and Yuma, who had to fight to the end to take the victory.

Unlike the other regions, everything was even until the end in Asia. Only five points separated the winning duo from Pepo and Zagou, who finished with 544 points in the tournament’s second place.


In Oceania, a duo completely dominated the FNCS Major 2, Lucas “Anon” and Sebastian “Suns.”. However, this duo had already qualified for the Global Championship thanks to their victory in Major 1. As a result, the duo that finished in second place, Sorif, and Skits, were the ones who managed to take home the $20,000 in prize money and sealed their ticket to the Global Championship 2023.

Middle East

Finally, we had a great fight in the Middle East between three duos until round 12 of Major 2. Finally, however, Kalgamer710 and Abdulrahman “7man” Alshaikh took first place after accumulating 603 points, 42 more than their closest pursuers. Thanks to this, the 16 (Kalgamer710) and 17 (7man) year-olds qualified for the Global Championship and earned $20,000 in prize money.

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