FlyQuest reveals new lineup for 2023 LCS

The North American League of Legends organization, FlyQuest, has announced its new lineup for the LCS Spring 2023, which... Eduardo | 14. December 2022

The North American League of Legends organization, FlyQuest, has announced its new lineup for the LCS Spring 2023, which features an extraordinary mix of young and experienced talent.

The team has undoubtedly made significant changes to renew the roster and have a much more competitive 2023 season. Now, with two extraordinary imported players from the LCK, they promise to be a tough team to beat in the LCS.

A perfect combination: a Young and experienced team

FlyQuest finished 5th-6th and 7th-8th in the 2022 LCS Spring and Summer Split playoffs 2022, respectively. And after these promising results, the organization intends to take an additional step forward next season with this new lineup.

The organization hired Christopher “PapaSmithy” Smith as president and game director last November 10, and he has put together a team ready for anything.

Among the new signings, we have the 2013 Worlds champion with SK Telecom T1 of the LCK, Jung “Impact” Eon-Yeong, and Mingyi “Spica” Lu (former TSM Jungler), who has shown a great level during a couple of seasons in the LCS.

Luxury imports

Two incredibly talented young LCK players, 19-year-old midlaner Lee “VicLa” Dae-Kwang, and 22-year-old bot lane Lee “Prince” Chae-hwan, have signed with FlyQuest for 2023.

VicLa has been playing LCK with KT Rolster since 2020, while Prince played the last four Splits under the Liiv SANDBOX banner.

This pair of talented players have left a perfect stamp on the LCK, and we hope to transfer these extraordinary skills to the LCS in 2023.

Rest of the team

The FlyQuest lineup is completed by the young Australian Support player Bill “Elya” Nguyen, who comes from the ranks of Team Liquid’s academy team.

Elya knows what it means to win, as he was part of the Liquid Academy team that won the Spring and Summer Splits of the LCS Proving Grounds.

While it is true that the main problem that this team will have at the beginning will be the language barrier, having an experienced player like Impact, who is also South Korean, will undoubtedly facilitate communication between all members of the team.

A reborn FlyQuest is expected

In the LCS, FlyQuest has failed to live up to expectations in the last two seasons. So much so that the team has not participated in a World Championship since the 2020 season.

With the new lineup, the organization hopes to match and improve their 2020 performances when they finish with two second-place finishes in the LCS and return to attend Worlds 2023.

The signing of Impact is undoubtedly the main reason to think that 2023 will be a successful year for this team. With his experience and seniority, the team will rely on him to guide and lead them on this new path.

Each player that makes up this new lineup is considered one of the best in their respective positions, and now it is up to Impact to make the most of it to achieve the long-awaited FlyQuest victories.

FlyQuest Lineup:

  • Impact
  • Prince
  • Elya
  • VicLa
  • Spica

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