FIFAe launches women’s esports inclusivity programme

Intending to encourage women’s participation in esports, FIFAe, FIFA’s esports division, has launched a new inclusivity program called FameHerGame.... Eduardo | 14. March 2023

Intending to encourage women’s participation in esports, FIFAe, FIFA’s esports division, has launched a new inclusivity program called FameHerGame.

Through this new program, FIFA aims to make women in the community more visible, provide more grassroots opportunities and create a safe environment for all competing in FIFAe.

Fabienne is the face of FameHerGame

The initiative will create a safe scenario for all women competitors in the FIFAe ecosystem. Furthermore, it will feature Fabienne from FOKUS CLAN as the image, increasing events for member associations and regional leagues.

FIFA announced the organization of an international training camp for next summer to further encourage its partners to promote women’s participation in the games worldwide.

Fabienne expressed her happiness at being named the face of this new program and further noted that “Esports is for everyone.” The player also points out that they hope this will help advance women’s esports and thus inspire young women who want to get into this world. Fabienne concluded by saying:

“I urge all women to work with us to change the status quo and write history.”

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FIFAe in the communities

All FIFA member soccer associations will organize different camps for all women interested in joining FIFAe, which will allow the creation of many local FIFAe women’s communities.

Moreover, FIFA will also have its camp in mid-2023, where those players selected by each member association will have the possibility to receive an invitation to the Women’s World Cup to be played in Australia and New Zealand in 2023.

All players attending the FIFAe camp will receive some training sessions and content creation. But, most importantly, the players will compete against each other, as the top two from the boot camp will be the privileged ones to attend the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

Adrian Rölli, Director of FIFA eFootball, pointed out that FIFAe is a division where men and women can participate, demonstrate their abilities, and compete at the highest level. On the other hand, he mentions that this program seeks to empower women and, together with the community, create a much more diverse esports environment in the FIFA ecosystem.

FIFA works hand in hand with ECL

FIFAe announces that it will work hand in hand with ECL Gaming, a London-based organization that promotes and organizes women’s FIFA events from 2022.

In addition to working closely with FIFA, the ECL announced in its message the first Female Global LAN for June 2, 2023.

Undoubtedly, this is an excellent initiative by FIFA to achieve the inclusion that many in the community call for.

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