FIFA 23 Update 8 Patch Notes: Fixed referee issue

EA SPORTS has finally published FIFA 23 Update 8, which among other things also fixed the annoying problem with... Fragster | 22. February 2023

EA SPORTS has finally published FIFA 23 Update 8, which among other things also fixed the annoying problem with the referee jerseys. Here’s everything you need to know about the new update.

FIFA 23 is the final installment in the popular franchise before it’s rebranded as EA SPORTS Football Club, and even though it’s been a few months, that doesn’t mean the developers have stopped working on it.

FIFA 23 Update 8

Ultimate Team is packed with new promos every week, and the gameplay has been repeatedly revamped and improved for players thanks to regular updates.

Some of these updates are bigger than others, and some focus on fixing annoying issues. FIFA 23 Update 8 is among the latter, as the biggest issue that has been fixed has to do with the referees in FUT.

Fixed referee jersey issue

A lot of Ultimate Team players have been getting annoyed lately because the referee wears the same color as the player’s jersey. But now there is good news because the problem has been fixed with this patch update.

This annoying issue and the fact that for some PC players, the game crashes when opening FUT packs have been fixed with Update 8.

So you can finally put a black or green number on your shirts again and you don’t have to worry about mistaking the referee for a player on the field.

In addition, there are also some bug fixes for other modes, including players not using the correct weight and height when editing them.

Patchnotes FIFA 23 Update 8

FIFA Ultimate Team

Fixed the following issues:

  • Fixed additional cases where referees incorrectly wore the same jersey colors as one of the teams involved in the game.
  • (PC only) Fixed a stability issue that could occur when opening packs.

General, Audio, and Visual

The following change was made:

  • Some badges, jerseys, hair, stadiums, star heads, pre-game scenes, hats, mascots, stadium themes, tattoos, balls, bundle art, VIP areas, pitch props, fan flags and gloves have been updated.

The following issues have been fixed with the update:

  • When editing a player, the height and weight values ​​were sometimes not displayed.
  • Fixed several stability issues that could occur.


The following issue has been fixed:

  • In rare cases, the camera could not correctly follow a CPU AI player in VOLTA ARCADE.