Fan made survey says Apex Legends has most toxic community

Toxicity is unfortunately becoming an integral part of the gaming community, spreading across various games. However, if you ask... Jason | 30. June 2023

Toxicity is unfortunately becoming an integral part of the gaming community, spreading across various games. However, if you ask which gaming community has the most toxic fanbase, can you answer? Well, a fan-made survey has provided an answer. This survey pointed out that Apex Legends has the most toxic community in gaming.

Do Apex Legends have the most toxic gaming community?

The survey was created by Reddit user Nickelnerd on the Apex Legends Reddit community. Although the poll has been deleted we have a screenshot of the results. You can watch the survey results below.

Screenshot of Apex Legends survey from Apex Legends subreddit

Credit: r/ApexLegends

According to the survey results, Apex Legends reigns supreme in toxicity, with a staggering 31% of posts filled with negativity about the game. Astonishingly, the survey indicates that the toxicity surrounding Respawn’s Battle Royale surpasses even that of renowned titles like League of Legends and Warzone.

It is worth noting that according to poll results, the top 10 titles, ranging from Apex Legends to Minecraft, are closely contested. However, the absence of Counter-Strike from the list has personally surprised me.

While some games have made efforts to address toxicity, such as Riot Games’ real-time chat evaluation, the issue persists, albeit slightly reduced. Many games continue to combat toxicity, although progress in curbing it remains a challenge.

Fans showed dissatisfaction with the survey

The results triggered floods of replies in the comment section from Apex Legends Players. They pointed out the survey as baseless and targeted by a specific community.

A Reddit user compared their experiences playing both League and Apex since their respective releases, stating that the Apex player base is not more toxic than Leagues by a significant margin.

Another Reddit user added that the list is not based on toxicity within the game itself, but rather on the amount of criticism, the game receives on its respective subreddits. This explanation clarifies why Apex is ranked at the top. They criticized the graph for including data that is completely unrelated to the study’s intended focus.

While it may be also true that this interpretation of the pole as the “Most negative statement” instead of “Most toxic” has caused some confusion and disagreement among fans, leading to a mild state of chaos within the community.

Apex Legends players are not happy with Season 17

In season 17, Respawn promised significant changes to the ranked ladder in Apex Legends. These changes included a new matchmaking system, equal entry costs for all ranks, and adjusted point values. The intention was to promote survival and prioritize placing in the top half of the lobby.

Unfortunately, these changes had unintended consequences. Players found ways to exploit the system by using strategies like hiding and avoiding fights. This has resulted in many streamers and viewers considering season 17 as the dullest season of Apex Legends so far.

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