| 19. January 2021

Explosives Enthusiast Fuse to Join Apex Legends in Season 8

Fuse, a bombastic explosives enthusiast is slated to join the ever-growing Apex Legends roster in just a couple of days! So, as always, let’s do a somewhat deeper dive into what’s to come! His release will coincide with the start of Season 8 (titled “Mayhem”) which means we’re getting a metric ton of new content on February 2nd!

You can learn more about Fuse and his Apex Legends backstory in the latest “Stories from the Outlands” trailer!

Apex Legends | What do we know about Fuse?

Well, not a lot overall. We know a bit of his origin story, but very little when it comes to his abilities. He’s a Salvonian demolition expert who’s been a part of some shady stuff over the years. This includes mercenary work, cage fighting, and who knows what else. Overall, as far as backstories go, Fuse’s is pretty cookie-cutter, but it’s not like anyone’s playing Apex Legends for the overarching narrative.

His ability kit, however, is mostly shrouded in mystery. Still, we do have some juicy details thanks to a recent leak. His passive ability could allow him to store up to two Frag Grenades and/or two Thermite Grenades per inventory slot. This is not only a pretty slick passive, but it’s also well within Fuse’s M.O. His Tactical ability is called “Airburst Grenade” and will allow Fuse to fire a grenade from a small launcher located on his right forearm.

It’s still unclear what his ultimate will be like, though. Some leaks say Fuse will be able to plant an explosive that can be set off. Others, however, mention him firing a missile from a cannon he’s supposedly carrying on his back. It’s still unclear which of the two is correct. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait long to find out!

Either way, we should be in for one heck of a ride once the upcoming patch hits live servers! As always, we’ll be back with additional coverage in just a couple of days!

You can read more about the eighth season of Apex Legends on EA’s official website.